Worry, Worry, Worry… on Friday the 13th

I have a long list of topics that I complied so that I’ll always have something to choose from and blog about. However, having that security in place, I have never had to use it. Something always comes up to be the most meaningful thing for me to write about that day.

And today, on Friday the 13th, it’s worry. Thankfully, most of my concerns are usually small and solvable but when I do have a worry it tends to be something of a magnitude that interrupts my sleep and sends my mind into overdrive.

What do I mean?  

1. Concerns about family. These are big but I have a lot of practice with them and can deal that energy down to a manageable level.

2. Problems that crop up with people over business matters – now those are new to me. Growing up I watched my parents handle these kinds of issues thousands of times. Only now I realize I had underestimated what they went through and the strength they had to have to get through it all.

I wish it were as easy as going, “Well, mom and dad did this when they faced this business problem with that person..” and simply follow their footsteps. However, I finding that most of the challenges we deal with have to be worked out uniquely firsthand. It’s like being in a school and doing an assignment, only the school has one student, you, and the assignment is new and yours alone – there are no previous years’ tests to study from.

3. And now I have a new worry concerning someone that I love. These ones are especially troublesome – there really is no blueprint or map to look at, no particular pattern that the situation will follow. And oh the impatience! Everything can only play out in exactly the amount of time necessary – you can pace, fret, cry, or run in circles but things will not happen any faster.

With all these worries popping up it gets you thinking – am I worry magnet?

  • Do I get more worries because I was worried in the first place?
  • Are these challenges preparing me for the next stage?
  • Is something new unfolding?

To some degree, yes to all of the above. If life were a school and you kept missing marks on your big exam or assignment you would have to retake the test or do the assignment over.

And over. And over. As many times as you needed to because life is a nice progressive school with no kid left behind: you pass when you’re ready and until then you keep getting the same issue.

So back to worry. If you’re worried, you still need some practice with bringing peace to worry. If this weren’t the case – the issue would come up and you would deal with it and take it in stride.

In the meantime – get out your “calmness toolbox”:

  • Talking
  • Writing D
  • Deep breathing
  • Yoga
  • Exercise
  • Energy work
  • Play

If you’re unsure of what will work – I quote Dr. Sue Morter:

“Do what you would do if you did know that it worked”

And just go with it.