Why Tell the Truth: Lancing the Lies

I have a scar on my lower right inner calf. It’s fairly faint, you likely would never see it unless I sat you down, propped my foot up, bared my lower leg and traced it with my finger.

It’s not noticable at all and even if it were, I’ve had it so long that its appearance is of zero concern. There’s even a story to go along with it: I had a mad crush on the boy next door and he used to give me rides around the block on his motorcycle. Unfortunately I was 4 years old at the time, no one was thinking clearly, and one day my bare little shorts clad leg touched the hot muffler for a brief second.

Yes. “Burn!” in more ways than one. That was the end of my fascination with motorcycles and the only souvenirs of my brief one-sided romance are a childhood anecdote and a medium-sized (though very faint) love scar.

Everyone has at least one scar and a story to go along with it. At least one physical scar, and more than one emotional scar.

Looking through the lens of my medical intuitive training my primary concern is always the emotional scar. How did it start? What is it trying to tell you? How do we heal it and stop it from spreading or stagnating?

Unless you’re entirely insulated from the news and from the media (and if you’re reading this blog, that’s probably not the case) you know that today is truth day.

Someone (you know who) recently sat down with a powerful media figure (you know who this is too) to reportedly confess to something he has denied doing for… well, forever. And the confession is airing tonight and tomorrow.

The dissections, the recriminations, the discussions have begun well ahead of the interview airing and will likely continue for months (or years).

What interests my medical intuitive “eyes” are what lying has done to his psychic soul – his energy body, his emotional body. Because when we talk about the emotional root of illness, what causes the body to be under such stress that it cannot heal itself, how what starts as a tear in the energy and eventually ends up as a physical crisis –  this is it. There is no clearer demonstration or illustration.

I’ve read advice columns where people that have had regrettable one-night stands are told to keep quiet. That the only person they will be helping by confessing is themselves, that it is selfish to unburden your conscience at the expense of your unknowing partner. I see the reasoning, and part of me agrees.

But the medical intuitive part of me cannot help but notice the inner wound that will not heal because of the hidden lie. The continuance of a lie, however well intention-ed, sits there in the body like a perpetually clogged pore.

Apologies in advance, I’m going to get a little gross here.

When I use medical intuition to scan the energy body, images come to me in the form of metaphors. It’s something I’ve gotten pretty good at recognizing. And to me, a long held lie looks like a festering boil. A really big, swollen, puss-filled carbuncle (again, sorry).

Treatment is simple: you lance it (no pun intended, I promise).

Once lanced, the infection (lie) is exposed to air (truth) and has a chance to heal. A *chance* to heal – that’s a very important distinction.

Whether this chance is manifested is very simple and it all comes down to intention.

We’ve all lied. We all have or have had those (figurative) energetic boils.

The difference  lancing that boil (still no pun intended) with the intention of coming clean, healing the hurt you caused and making restitution or the having the intention to spill the beans, build a defensive wall and come back swinging is the difference between a clean scalpel and a dirty one.

It’s the difference between a healed scar and a story you’re not ashamed to tell, and a wound that gets darker and refuses to close.

A choice between cleansing the wound or setting the stage for deeper, spreading illness.

Bottom line, your lie is your boil. You own it. The symbols from the medical intuitive lens aren’t always pretty but they’re clear. No matter how angry or indignant we get at someone for causing pain with their lies (and we may have every justification to feel this way) they are literally scarred with the consequences.

Other people will feel the poison’s side effects and but the infection is still inside you. The outcome of their healing and restitution, and yours, rests on your intention to stop the rotting and change direction.