Lessons from Weight-Loss Surgery: Strength First, Weight-Loss Second

When I conduct an energy evaluation or medical intuition assessment I will source out where the energetic blockages are showing up and what is happening to cause them. In addition to that I will also teach you the basics about reading your own energy. Essentially this involves getting you back in touch with listening to your body until eventually you hear its messages as loudly and clearly as you would your own mom hollering for you to come to dinner.

Reading this article today about a young woman that had weight loss surgery made my heart and head hurt. Energetic red flags waving everywhere – so many that this whole situation is just one big red splotch.

The first thing that jumped out at me was a quote from Ms. Gofman’s (the young lady that had the surgery) doctor before she was convinced to submit to the procedure:

“I’ll lose weight,” Ms. Gofman assured her doctor.
Dr. Vayner said, prophetically, “It’s not your fault, but you’re not going to be able to do it.”

“Prophetically”? I disagree. Discouragingly, is more accurate. Dr. Vayner, well-meaningly perhaps, only validated any doubts the patient already had about her ability to lose the weight. And when a doctor or authority figure validates your doubts, they grow. And grow. And GROW.

Does lap band surgery work for everyone? I think the evidence speaks for itself. But does it work for some people? Again, the evidence speaks: some individuals do succeed with it as part of their lifestyle changes. And then there are others like Ms. Gofman who had a particularly difficult and painful experience. 

What this points out is the obvious: as you and I are different, with different life experiences, emotional stories, beliefs, families, habits, energy bodies, we each need a different approach, one that is individual and unique to our experiences and bodies.

Without reading Ms. Gofman’s energy it would be impossible for me to have any sense of the energetic blocks that are preventing her from making healthy changes or read any of the emotional energy or events that caused the blocks to form in the first place. (Note: from an ethical standpoint, I never read energy or use medical intuition without permission, to do so is like looking in your purse without asking.)

It has been observed many times that if the energetic blocks, the emotional landmines behind overeating or addiction, remain undiscovered and unconscious within you, cross-addiction is a real concern. Carnie Wilson (of the singing group Wilson Phillips) is a popular example of this: having had weight loss surgery in the 1990’s she met her size goal only to fall into alcoholism, then back into food addiction.

What I can see about Ms. Gofman, what we can all see, is that her body is in pain, relentlessly protesting what the surgery has done to her. This lap band, meant to magnify the communication between mind and body, as I talked about in the beginning of this post, has instead twisted and warped what is meant to be a natural, gentle internal messaging system.

Simple cues signalling hunger and satiety become pain, guilt, and more pain. The pain is so strong that Ms. Gofman cannot even celebrate the weight loss she does achieve.

I also see strength, courage, and a very brave young woman with a sense of optimism. An incredible amount of strength. Imagine the spunk and grit it takes to allow your very private struggle to be broadcast in the New York Times and to the rest of the world.

I only hope that this, the evidence of her courageousness, is the big lesson she takes from all of this. If she can latch on to and take direction from that aspect of her energy and allow it to grow, above the discouragement and overshadowing the guilt, this is what will help her discover health – regardless of the method used.