The Pain of Severance

It’s Over. Done. Finished.

Ending a relationship – personal or professional – you know it’s necessary but it is still painful feels so disruptive. Where energy has been mingling and communicating, it now separates and you feel that absence acutely.

If I had to characterize this year, 2011, for me – I can call it my year of beginnings and endings. I have ended ties, partnerships (personal and professional), a career, a mentorship, and (this was particularly hard) friendships.

And yet I’ve also begun new things that give me purpose and fulfill passion. In order for these new things to come into my life, as well as the new stuff that is on its way right now, these chaotic endings HAD to happen. I believe that pain can only strengthen you in the long run and that what you are given you are always strong enough to handle.

But still, when you’re going through it it really can feel awful.

Here’s the key: you are going through it. Meaning the beginning is past, the blow has happened – you are passing through the hard time and peace is right up ahead. If you’re really willing to see it, peace is right beside you, within you, pacing you, carrying you.

As I was taught, you can deep breathe your way through to the other side with anything. Deep breath (done the right way) is in fact an energy tool. And as you breathe deep you will find the energy of the peace within and allow it to spread through your energy body.

So it’s over. Breathe. The better part starts now.