The Myth of Powerlessness

(The below is from speech that I made last year. A recent client’s achievements has inspired me to post it today.)

Back when I told my friends and family I was going into medical intuition the reaction was mixed.

Some knew exactly what I was talking about and were very excited and happy for me. Others were curious and wanted to know more. And then there were those that really had no idea what medical intuition was all about but smiled and nodded anyways.

Then there was my one friend that took his own understanding of it, mixed this with my answers, and came up with his very own explanation. From what I could understand it was something like: “new-age coach/therapist/scientist“. Really not very close but we gradually sorted it out.

In the meantime he felt attuned to my work (or what he thought I did) enough to start confiding in me some of his relationship problems – things that were really taking their toll on him. There were ghosts of a past relationship still haunting him as well as one particular new gal that (in both our views) had a very unhealthy effect on his life and psyche.

Being a good friend I did what I could and most of this consisted of listening and offering advice and empathy where needed. That is until he said, “and when I’m around her I just become powerless…”

Whoa, man! No. That’s one phrase you can’t get away with. Gently, though firmly, I told him that no that’s not true, he was not powerless, he was NEVER powerless.

Every sticky situation he got into with this woman was his choice. Enduring every painful detail with his last girlfriend was completely his choice. In every sense, in every scenario, the woman was a bit player. He knew what would happen by staying with them, by interacting with them and by still choosing to do so he was really the one inflicting the pain on himself.

He was, in a true sense, the only player in his story.

Now as you can imagine, even gently delivered this insight is not very nice to hear. It may seem like I was being mean, overly pushy perhaps.

But my goal in showing him this was not so he felt shamed, blamed, or hurt. Not at all.

On the contrary – I was trying to get him to see how powerful he is. Completely powerful.

You see, when you reach a place where you can look back on the difficult and painful events of your life and understand that your choices were at the heart of each of them something changes within you. You energetically shift to a place of new possibility.

Because when you understand that your choices brought you to the place you are at today, you know you have the power to make entirely new choices. Different choices. At every second. And you can keep making them, keep changing your course, for as long as you live. The opportunity never stops.

You are not powerless. Ever. At gunpoint you are not powerless. Tied up and tossed in a box, you are still not powerless. No one can take your mind, no one can control the way you think and how you choose to perceive things.

You see, the myth of powerlessness is not just confined to making poor relationship choices. If you believe that this concept is real, it has a sickening effect on your energy.

If you believe you can be powerless, when you are at that knife edge and push comes to shove, you may allow yourself to choose to smash that window, to choose to steal something that isn’t yours, to hurt and beat an innocent person because a crowd is egging you on.

And it gets even worse – at a crisis point, when you receive a diagnosis you may see no choice at all. And allow yourself to be an illness instead of a person.

I remember how it felt to hear the doctor tell me my dad had a pancreatic tumour. I was still in my 20s had never felt more hopeless in my whole life.

This is one of the reasons I decided to go into medical intuition, why doing this work is so important to me. As a medical intuitive I have the chance to provide a way for people to see past the fog of fear, learn powerful information about where they are holding negative blocks in their energy.

Knowledge is power. And with this knowledge they can find their courage and determination and make their own choices, find health on their own terms, live the life that they decide.

We all deserve to have success, wellness, and an abundant life.

We all deserve to choose to have success, wellness, and an abundant life.