The Energy of Change: New Year’s Resolutions

Some years ago I stopped doing the New Year’s Resolution routine. Now, I make resolutions year round – why confine it to one particular day?

As was pointed out to me, midnight comes every night, yes? Yeah! So with every day comes a chance to make changes and hit your energetic reset button. This opens everything up to infinite possibility.

I bet you’ve heard this all before. Me too. It sounds so easy, right? The manifestation experts, those folks preaching “The Secret”, even some of my friends, they all make change and attraction of something newer and better sound so effortless. Decide and it’s done. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Sigh. And I used to think, ‘Robine what are you missing here?!?’ There must be some trick that went over my head.

Then I got it. 

  1. It’s about being present, here, now, appreciating everything you can about the present situation (body, boyfriend, job, career, …)
  2. It’s about wording your affirmations of change (what you want to attract) the right way

There is a right way to do it. Think about this affirmation:

“I have a wonderful new career”

Sounds good yes? It follows the rules of being in the present, being positive, stating you want. But what if this statement just makes you feel terrible because you know deep inside that your current career makes you feel lousy?

How about this instead:

“I love the thought of having a wonderful new career” 

See the difference? I learned this wisdom from listening to an interview of the wonderful, inspirational Michael Losier.

The second statement has zero negative connotation or doubt attached to it. At the very least it is neutral and at the very best, it will allow the positive energy to take root, inspiring your spirit, helping you attract the thing you want.

Like everything else, change is simply energy. Affirmations and resolutions can inspire negative or positive energy.

So instead of:

“My new partner is a great guy/girl that has the following qualities…”  (And deep down you’re thinking: “So where are they?”)


“I love the thought of a new partner that is a great guy/girl with the following qualities…” (Inner argument = zero!)

Instead of:

“I want a healthy, fit body”


“I love the thought of having a healthy, fit body”

It’s a starting point for inspiration and attraction, a kind one. Good for you, good for your energy, and a prime place to open your intuition and inner spiritual guidance. This is where you’ll find the clues and roadmap to your goal.

Be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself. And if you find yourself straying in mid-January (or after), remember that midnight happens every day.