Teaching… the teacher

Doing intuitive development workshops each month has turned into a very rewarding experience, much more than I even expected it to. And I did expect a lot.

I expected that the experience would bring me into contact with great people, help me get comfortable giving talks and facilitating workshops, and teach me the ins-and-outs of speaking to groups. And nab me a few friends along the way.

All that has happened but what I didn’t expect was how much deeper it would take me into my own practice.

Do you want to know the secret to learning more about your own craft/career/profession?

Teach it to other people.

Really. It’s like doing a live, hands-on thesis that is unpredictable and worth more than any additional course or extra training.

There is really no substitute.

  1. It tests your knowledge of the material
  2. Your comfort level with explaining it
  3. Opens new facets you never thought about before

By far, the participants in my workshops have been mainly women. 98% to be exact. But in my last workshop I saw something different – the Universe (or Meetup) surprised me with a class that was half male. Perhaps I was in need of a new challenge.

It was a great class and with it came a few new observations – the difference between teaching one sex vs. another.

This is not a hard and fast rule (so please put the stones down) but the “guidelines” about men and women and the emotional/intuitive side of our energy were actually apparent when it came time to do exercises. As the theory goes, women naturally find it easier to access their intuition because they tend to be more in touch with their emotions. Again, just a common theory.

The women in my class were ok with getting right into reading energy. The men on the other hand, looked for reasoning – especially in exercises that required lots of trust, a high degree of faith in your intuitive hits.

There were questions. And more questions. And declarations that you “just can’t intuit that way”. All of which were answerable and solvable to me. And later came apologies over the questions and the declarations.

But honestly, no sorries needed. It was a unique opportunity for me to see where I might provide more guidance to future students based on their understanding and needs.

It just makes for a better class next time. Challenging students? New questions? Different problems to solve? Bring it.

If you really love what you do and have that desire to learn more, deepening your understanding of your passion (because we are never done learning, there is always more to take in) I highly recommend teaching what you know.

No classroom? Get a small group together through sites like meetup.com. Teach one person. Write about your craft and what you do. Blog.

I promise the rewards are many – not to mention a little hidden gem: energy that you move out of your body and mind and send out into the world as your gift of knowledge gets gifted back to you a thousandfold.