Forgiveness & Weight Loss: The “Quick” Detox

Did you know that the act of forgiveness results in simultaneous weight loss? Scientifically proven and true. This includes forgiveness you extend towards yourself. Now we’re talking grams/ounces here peeps, not mass poundage. But it is something significant enough that you will *feel* it in your body. I had this experience yesterday when I asked a dear friend to witness my letting go of painful events I was tired of carrying around. 

Change Your Breathing, Change Your Life

“If you remember nothing else that I’ve talked about today, just remember this one thing…” It’s something I say each time I run an intuitive development workshop. Ok, I even say it more than once… I promise no more than twice. But only for things I consider absolutely crucial – for life, for health, for increasing your energy, your intuitive capabilities, etc. And what’s this magic panacea, you ask? Breathe.  No, don’t go away I’m serious. That’s it: breathe. And […]

Lessons from Weight-Loss Surgery: Strength First, Weight-Loss Second

When I conduct an energy evaluation or medical intuition assessment I will source out where the energetic blockages are showing up and what is happening to cause them. In addition to that I will also teach you the basics about reading your own energy. Essentially this involves getting you back in touch with listening to your body until eventually you hear its messages as loudly and clearly as you would your own mom hollering for you to come to dinner. […]

Shame Energy: Those Awful Anti-Obesity Ads

January… diet time for many of us. A time when we re-evaluate ourselves and try to make different choices in regards to our health. In the past few years I’ve seen some promising programs come up aimed at tackling childhood obesity. The best ones (in my opinion) focused on health and inspiring kids to make food choices that felt good, giving them more energy, and drawing the connection between exercise and boosting mood. Jamie Oliver is a great pioneer in […]