In or Out? Mastering the Internal Experience

Are you in or out? The end of June marked the ending of an uncomfortable situation that lasted many months and (finally) reached its resolution. Even though it was my decision to take this action and take a stand against bad behaviour, it wasn’t all sunshine (except the ending). Let me note that I wish to sound neither whiny or grieved – I know that for many people these kinds of matters can last for much, MUCH longer and I […]

Getting out of Your Head: An Easy Meditation

I once bought a book by a famous author well known for her writings on meditation and spirtuality (I will refrain from naming her here because I do still respect her and think her works are pretty awesome). But when I read her book and tried to do the exercises I was hopelessly lost. Completely, utterly frustrated with my lack of ability to do them as she specified. Before getting this book I had thought I was very good at […]