“Seeing” Energy and Speaking to Intuition

“Can you see ghosts? Do you talk to dead people?” Common questions I receive as a medical intuitive and someone that works with energy, and the answers are not so straightforward as you might think: no and sort of. Ok, I guess the answers are pretty simple. But there’s a little more to it and a bit of backstory. When I was 5 years old I watched a television movie one night with my dad, just the two of us. […]

Learning to laugh and the map to healing

“Medical Intuitive” is one of those professions where (almost always), after I’ve introduced myself, I’m trying to explain what it is that I do. These explanations can be tricky since I’ve got to straddle a fine line between passion and getting caught up in dizzying illustrations of energy bodies and congested emotions, and just what’s simple and easy-to-understand. Depending on how good a job I’ve done, my explainee could walk away clearer or… running. If I’ve gotten my conversation companion […]

Why Tell the Truth: Lancing the Lies

I have a scar on my lower right inner calf. It’s fairly faint, you likely would never see it unless I sat you down, propped my foot up, bared my lower leg and traced it with my finger. It’s not noticable at all and even if it were, I’ve had it so long that its appearance is of zero concern. There’s even a story to go along with it: I had a mad crush on the boy next door and […]

The Secret to Lasting Change

I kept my New Year’s Resolution of 2012 – to not make any resolutions! Instead I vowed in 2012 that I would strive to continue learning and be open to all new lessons that came my way. Among the top 5: I am very good with metaphors and using them to explain my medical intuitive clients’ energy fissures I am very horrible at explaining to hairdressers how I want my hair cut If I just bring a picture to my […]

Happy for Your Holiday

I was drinking my coffee this morning intending to write up an article on my medical intuitive training program when something very different and completely off topic caught my eye. A man in Saskatoon has lost his bid to have “Merry Christmas” removed from the city’s LED bus signs. The same signs that flash the number and name of the bus route, flash sports cheers, and announce when the vehicle is full. His claim is that it offended his atheist […]