Reading Between the (Intuitive) Lines

In my workshops, with my students, and in communications with clients I am continually excited and encouraged by the intuitive talent and enthusiasm. Everyone is always very eager to learn and I have yet to come across even one person with no inherent intuitive spark. True, it is sometimes buried by many, many layers of self-doubt – but it is still there. The most popular question: How do I make my intuition stronger? The most common mistake (that I’ve seen): […]

In or Out? Mastering the Internal Experience

Are you in or out? The end of June marked the ending of an uncomfortable situation that lasted many months and (finally) reached its resolution. Even though it was my decision to take this action and take a stand against bad behaviour, it wasn’t all sunshine (except the ending). Let me note that I wish to sound neither whiny or grieved – I know that for many people these kinds of matters can last for much, MUCH longer and I […]

The Appreciation Game

Build a better mousetrap – or failing that, buy one. This was my parents’ problem many years ago. A very annoying, irritating problem. You see, they had a successful supply enterprise and as part of this business they kept a dry goods warehouse – a warehouse that was fast becoming “Costco for Mice”. They tried everything to get rid of the mice and nothing worked very well. And with mice, unless you are 100% successful you still have 100% of […]

The Myth of Powerlessness

(The below is from speech that I made last year. A recent client’s achievements has inspired me to post it today.) Back when I told my friends and family I was going into medical intuition the reaction was mixed. Some knew exactly what I was talking about and were very excited and happy for me. Others were curious and wanted to know more. And then there were those that really had no idea what medical intuition was all about but […]

Tiger Mom = Tiger Daughter?

(Or more accurately: Dragon Daughter; it’s Year of the Dragon very soon, my year!) I saw this update¬†on the Today Show – yes, Tiger Mom, Amy Chua is back. Without getting into whether I agree with her methods (and there are many I find unpalatable) I admit I have a soft spot for the (in)famous Tiger Mom. Having my own “Dragon Mom” likely has a tiny bit to do with that. My mom had a lot of the same philosophies: […]