Forgiveness & Weight Loss: The “Quick” Detox

Did you know that the act of forgiveness results in simultaneous weight loss? Scientifically proven and true. This includes forgiveness you extend towards yourself. Now we’re talking grams/ounces here peeps, not mass poundage. But it is something significant enough that you will *feel* it in your body. I had this experience yesterday when I asked a dear friend to witness my letting go of painful events I was tired of carrying around. 

Learning to laugh and the map to healing

“Medical Intuitive” is one of those professions where (almost always), after I’ve introduced myself, I’m trying to explain what it is that I do. These explanations can be tricky since I’ve got to straddle a fine line between passion and getting caught up in dizzying illustrations of energy bodies and congested emotions, and just what’s simple and easy-to-understand. Depending on how good a job I’ve done, my explainee could walk away clearer or… running. If I’ve gotten my conversation companion […]

Why Tell the Truth: Lancing the Lies

I have a scar on my lower right inner calf. It’s fairly faint, you likely would never see it unless I sat you down, propped my foot up, bared my lower leg and traced it with my finger. It’s not noticable at all and even if it were, I’ve had it so long that its appearance is of zero concern. There’s even a story to go along with it: I had a mad crush on the boy next door and […]

Making Comparisons, Part 2

A teacher in Canada made headlines this week for writing to the Loblaw’s (a supermarket chain in Canada) about the National Enquirer tabloid magazine at the check stand. Arguing that the cover was tantamount to bullying he made a case for removing these publications from places where children can see them. The cover was the usual drivel about Hollywood celebrities and whose bodies had gotten “less attractive” or “bigger” or… whatever. And there we go again with the comparisons. “Heavier” […]

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