Evolutionary Women Radio Show: August 28, 2012

News! Next week on August 28, 2012 at 11:00AM, Pacific Time I will be joining my very dear friend, Pernilla Lillarose on her radio show, “Evolutionary Women“. Pernilla hosts a wonderful show about how authentic feminine power is making a difference in the world and I am honored to be her next guest. Some of the things we’ll be talking about include how I got where I am now as a practicing medical intuitive and teacher, some of the challenges […]

Children & Intuition

It’s out! An article I wrote was published in “Aromatique Essentials” magazine. This is an absolutely beautifully done magazine and ezine by my friend Julie Nelson. She is world renowned as an aromatherapy expert, loving soul, and all around beautiful person. Available for purchase (hard-copy) or free digital download here. Or view free online, here. My article explored how you can nurture and encourage a child’s (or your own) intuitive development (rather than squash it – as is what happens […]

Reading Between the (Intuitive) Lines

In my workshops, with my students, and in communications with clients I am continually excited and encouraged by the intuitive talent and enthusiasm. Everyone is always very eager to learn and I have yet to come across even one person with no inherent intuitive spark. True, it is sometimes buried by many, many layers of self-doubt – but it is still there. The most popular question: How do I make my intuition stronger? The most common mistake (that I’ve seen): […]

Wanting Big & Playing Small

In high school I used to have the weirdest dreams. And I mean weird. Banana-morphing-into-dog-chasing-me type of weird. I would report them to the girl that sat in front of me in Grade 11 French class (she liked hearing them, or at least she looked like she did) and we got a good laugh. No analysis or discussions of symbolism, just laughs and the occasional “my god what did you eat last night before bed?!?” A few nights ago I had […]

Change Your Breathing, Change Your Life

“If you remember nothing else that I’ve talked about today, just remember this one thing…” It’s something I say each time I run an intuitive development workshop. Ok, I even say it more than once… I promise no more than twice. But only for things I consider absolutely crucial – for life, for health, for increasing your energy, your intuitive capabilities, etc. And what’s this magic panacea, you ask? Breathe.  No, don’t go away I’m serious. That’s it: breathe. And […]