Happy for Your Holiday

I was drinking my coffee this morning intending to write up an article on my medical intuitive training program when something very different and completely off topic caught my eye. A man in Saskatoon has lost his bid to have “Merry Christmas” removed from the city’s LED bus signs. The same signs that flash the number and name of the bus route, flash sports cheers, and announce when the vehicle is full. His claim is that it offended his atheist […]

My “Invisible” Gifts of 2011

What did you get for Christmas? Something awesome? A special gift you’ve had your eye on all year? Maybe a complete surprise that had you jumping for joy as soon as you tore off the wrapping paper. I hope so. There’s a very strange looping video that plays on cable access channels each year on Christmas day. Maybe you’ve seen it? It’s a burning log. When I first saw it I thought it must be a joke, but it is […]

Energy Drains: Shopping!

Boxing day shopping! Did I venture out, even though there was a coat I’ve been eyeing and longing for? I stayed home! The crowds, the hectic energy, the fuss, the mayhem, nothing swayed me. I stayed away from boxing day shopping because I slept in! In previous years I would have been very wary of venturing out to the mall and stores on Boxing Day but today it is different. I even went to the mall on Christmas Eve. Twice! […]

It’s Xmas?

Always nice to see everyone so happy for at least a few days of the year. And as for me? Well, with everyone I love away from me (out of town, out of touch, etc) and one choosing to not celebrate at all (hi mom) I get to pick my own traditions. So many to choose from… There’s my favorite because it makes me laugh: Festivus! And it’s so easy to do – once I set up my aluminum pole […]