Medical Intuition and the Self Love Salad

We all haul psychic burdens around every day, every hour, even in sleep, and it’s no wonder our physical bodies scrunch and tighten, the vertebrae strained and stressed, to try to compensate for these energetic weights. A psychic burden is simply something you are carrying in your psyche – your mind – letting it weigh you down, unable to let it go no matter how much you think you want to. Here’s a truth about me: I put my foot […]

Making Comparisons, Part 2

A teacher in Canada made headlines this week for writing to the Loblaw’s (a supermarket chain in Canada) about the National Enquirer tabloid magazine at the check stand. Arguing that the cover was tantamount to bullying he made a case for removing these publications from places where children can see them. The cover was the usual drivel about Hollywood celebrities and whose bodies had gotten “less attractive” or “bigger” or… whatever. And there we go again with the comparisons. “Heavier” […]

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Medical Intuition Scans

Brioso Holistics offers complete Medical Intuitive Healing Sessions.   Medical Intuition is a proven healing method. Your body emits electricity and when your physical or emotional health are weakened, there are disruptions in this energy that are visible to a medical intuitive. Medical Intuition offers the benefit of getting your energy flowing freely on the path to health and abundance. Dissolve Energy Blocks = Create A New Outcome All Medical Intuitive Healing Sessions can be done: ┬áIn-person at my office […]