Children & Intuition

It’s out! An article I wrote was published in “Aromatique Essentials” magazine. This is an absolutely beautifully done magazine and ezine by my friend Julie Nelson. She is world renowned as an aromatherapy expert, loving soul, and all around beautiful person. Available for purchase (hard-copy) or free digital download here. Or view free online, here. My article explored how you can nurture and encourage a child’s (or your own) intuitive development (rather than squash it – as is what happens […]

The Appreciation Game

Build a better mousetrap – or failing that, buy one. This was my parents’ problem many years ago. A very annoying, irritating problem. You see, they had a successful supply enterprise and as part of this business they kept a dry goods warehouse – a warehouse that was fast becoming “Costco for Mice”. They tried everything to get rid of the mice and nothing worked very well. And with mice, unless you are 100% successful you still have 100% of […]

Pain is Optional

Let’s play a bit of word association… just once. I say a word and you say the first thing that comes to mind… ready? Meditation.  Ok – what did you picture? Person sitting cross-legged in lotus position? Closed eyes and fingertips and thumbs touching? Maybe you heard peaceful music, an “ommmm…” sound or birds chirping – some noises of nature maybe. Did you think, “relaxation” or “breathing” or “peace”? All very good – no wrong answers here. But did you […]

Change Your Breathing, Change Your Life

“If you remember nothing else that I’ve talked about today, just remember this one thing…” It’s something I say each time I run an intuitive development workshop. Ok, I even say it more than once… I promise no more than twice. But only for things I consider absolutely crucial – for life, for health, for increasing your energy, your intuitive capabilities, etc. And what’s this magic panacea, you ask? Breathe.  No, don’t go away I’m serious. That’s it: breathe. And […]

Why me? Making sense of the “negatives”

Why me? Why oh why me? Ever catch yourself saying that? That’s ok, no finger pointing here, certainly no embarrassment. In fact if you have said that, bravo to you! Good job. No, really. It means you are just three little letters short of a huge transformative moment: Why not me? Aha… Now you’re onto something, now you really have a cool idea to think about. And actually the more “Why me?” statements you have to transform – the more […]