Reading Between the (Intuitive) Lines

Develop Your Intuition

In my workshops, with my students, and in communications with clients I am continually excited and encouraged by the intuitive talent and enthusiasm.

Everyone is always very eager to learn and I have yet to come across even one person with no inherent intuitive spark. True, it is sometimes buried by many, many layers of self-doubt – but it is still there.

The most popular question: How do I make my intuition stronger?
The most common mistake (that I’ve seen): Over-reliance on a tool (cards, pendulums, kinesiology, etc.)
The other very common mistake: Missing the answer between the answers.

By the way – the answer to #1: practice. Sorry, but there’s no short cut there. And by practice, I really don’t mean, “Use your (pendulum, cards, muscle test,… etc.) more times and for more questions.”

I mean *really practice* using your intuition by listening to the subtle energies, getting in touch with higher vibrations, and tuning in to your mind body connection.

All things we get into during workshops and private sessions.

What I refer to as tools (cards, etc.) are fun things to experiment with, don’t get me wrong. But they are far too easy to get dependent on and the real message is not always so plain or literal as a pendulum swing.

Why is that?

It’s because life is meant to be lived. Wholeheartedly and with surprise. How else are we going to learn our lessons and feel things the way they were meant to be experienced?

That’s the reasoning I point out to people that ask me why their pendulum no longer “works”, why they keep getting the “wrong” answer when they do a strength test, why they get one answer one day and a different one the next.

No judgement, no ridicule, just a gentle reminder that it’s time to take a deep breath, learn to go with your gut, and dive in.

Other times, your intuition only looks like it’s failing you because you are missing the answer.

For example, one client I spoke to was fairly anxious about a decision she had made to start a new career path in 6 months. She was so stressed about it, it was difficult (at first) for us to make much headway in clearing her emotional blocks.

She told me that she had repeatedly asked her intuition over the course of the past year whether this was the right decision. And she said the answer was always, “yes”.

And yet, that was not the full answer. I could see it clearly and I could also see why her attachment was fogging her vision. Following your intuition can be scary, that’s true. But it also brings excitement and anticipation – not the full on anxiety that was the only thing this client was feeling.

I pointed this out to her and directed her to look at why she kept asking the same question. If she felt the need to keep asking, was this really the path for her? Perhaps, but were¬† more factors she was not considering: different organizations, different programs, new time frames…

A big “a-ha!”, a deep clearing, a (slightly) adjusted path and she’s on track and (most importantly) physically and emotionally WAY healthier.


Training Programs

My intuitive mentoring roster is full at the moment but I will open up additional spaces this Fall in September 2012.

If you are interested in intuitive training (particularly reading physical and emotional energy blocks), please contact me  to find out more.

I am also developing an exciting new program with a colleague that combines physical therapy with intuitive sensing – and this will absolutely rock. Having experienced it I can say it broaches a whole new healing paradigm.

More to come as developments continue…

Additional Session Time-slots

Although I am fully booked up but I will be opening up a few additional spots in August for Complimentary Discovery Sessions.

Sign up for this gift to get a new perspective on the physical (or emotional) illnesses or stresses you are dealing with.