“Psychic” Attacks: Healing, Recovery, Protection

This topic sounds way “out there” and off the deep end and I can say it’s absolutely real – though probably different than what you were thinking.

Better yet – special, expensive rituals to get rid of them or heal from them are unnecessary – you can take care of it yourself using your energy and whatever guidance you choose to call upon.

But first, what does it mean to get “psychically” attacked? It’s very simple, it starts with someone – usually a person with a connection to you (personal, professional, or even both) – being in a bad place. This is a given. If they were in a light place as opposed to a dark one, they would never attack you.

It goes like this:

1: Attacker is in a bad, negative space and chooses to lash out
2: They pick you
3: They throw this negative energy at you:

  • Directly: verbal or physical abuse
  • Electronically: email, Facebook, etc
  • Silently: passive aggression, the silent treatment, etc

4: You feel it – you’re hurt, angry, sad, or all three
5: It affects your day, your mood, your actions
6: Lather, rinse, repeat

Maybe quite different from the mystical explanation you were expecting?

The negative actions of a dark person throw you into a state of distress, causing chemical reactions in the physical body, emotional body disruptions, and overall just really messing up your energy body.

But there is good news behind all of this. Here it is: you have control of Steps 4 and 5. Make sense? The effects can be neutralized, thrown off, made to fall away. What’s more, they need never touch you, your energy, your emotions, ever again.

How? There is one very big, very important step:

Realize – really know – that this has NOTHING to do with you. Someone (or someones) that will seek to harm have serious matters to address with their own energy. 


  1. Let it go, giving compassion to this person wallowing in dark energy
  2. Affirm to yourself and really know that you are strong and protected from harm
  3. If you pray or recite any form of verse, spiritual or otherwise, this can be very comforting and soothing to your energy
  4. Seek a calming activity that will rejuvenate and boost your energy body:
    1. Baths with sea salt
    2. Meditation
    3. Going out in nature
    4. If you can manage it, negative ion fields near bodies of water have wonderful affects on your energy you can instantly feel
    5. Spend time with animals – this is also very healing and affirming
  5. Ask yourself (gently): is there a lesson I am meant to learn from all of this?

I know it can really hurt and be very shattering when an attack happens. And when you’re in the midst of it, very hard to pull yourself to the place of knowing this is about them and not you. This is especially true if this person is someone you used to respect or be close to. Let it out – pour your heart out to someone you trust, write about it, scream about it if you want. Then, move to Step 1 and let it go.

And what if this person puts themselves forward as a light-worker? A teacher? Or what if you thought they were a friend? Ugh – even harder to come to terms with. This happened to me very recently and I think I would rather go get another root canal than do that with those people again.

The universe was kind though and gave me the perspective of seeing this person attack others – people they claimed to care about and love. Once you’ve seen that, it becomes a lot easier to realize it really does have NOTHING to do with you – and everything to do with them. One really big thing about people in the dark – they are always looking for new victims.

In the case of myself and my colleagues – there were two lessons to learn here:

  1. It’s nothing to do with us
  2. Listen to your intuition

Each of us had a gut feeling, a strong one, that this person had a very dark side to them. A very dark inside that contrasted with the light-worker mask they bore. But – uhoh – we ALL consciously and separately chose to put this instinct, this message aside. Yikes.

I hope this person (persons) gets help and gets to a lighter place. Fortunately, this is outside my concern and responsibility. As the attacks have nothing to do with me – the recovery of this person is up to them.

Be strong, use your courage, and your courage – you are never the cause, always the solution.