Medical Intuitive News

April 2014

Intuitive Healing Mastery program applications for the current year are being accepted now.

October 2013

Intuitive Healing Mastery Spring & Fall 2013 Classes are currently in session.

Registration has just opened for January 2014 (North America) and March 2014 (Europe).

If interested, please fill in this application and you will be contacted for a brief interview and Q&A session.

October 2012

October 20: Awaken Your 6th Senses: Intuition for Beginners & Beyond (By Donation)

Fall has arrived, and what better way to welcome a new season than to honor and awaken our intuitive selves.

We’ll be looking at how to open your intuition in everything you do, easy ways to practice, how medical intuition works, help for empaths, and more.

And once again, I’m very thankful to the kind folks at the Rumi Rose Tea House who will be hosting us in their meditation space.

Space is limited and fills fast, please RSVP. To sign up or get more info click here.

August 2012

August 28: Evolutionary Women Radio Show

I have been invited to my dear friend, Pernilla Lillarose’s radio show, Evolutionary Women on Awakened Radio.

Pernilla is a wonderful coach, heart healer, meditation teacher, and has more experience and credentials and activities on her resume than I can list off in one sitting. Radio to talk about what it was like to become a Professional Medical Intuitive and how Medical Intuitive Healing has become a ground breaking approach to health. I am so pleased and honored to join her on her show and take part in what she is offering.

Join us and tune in live or take part in the chat room (11:00AM, Pacific Time):

August 1: Aromatique Essentials

I’m published! Check it out – I contributed an article on intuition and children to Aromatique Essentials, a beautifully photographed and wonderfully insightful magazine.

It’s also available as a digital download here.

June 2012

June 17: Guest Speaker on Enlightened Health Radio

I’m happy to announce I will be joining my friend and colleague, Justin Elledge, Medical Intuitive for an interactive interview and discussion time on his show, Enlightened Health Radio

Join us! Tune in live, or take part in the chat room: 

June 16Clearing Manifestation Blocks, Healing the Energy Body & SOS for Empaths

For this class I am again welcoming my friend and guest teacher, Phyllis Straub a renowned energy practitioner and Reiki Master.

We will be doing a special group energy clearing, learn about using your intuition, manifesting goals, opening channels to spirit, what a medical intuitive is, “SOS for Empaths “, and meditation.

And we are very thankful to be holding this gathering at the Rumi Rose Tea House.

Space is limited and fills fast, please RSVP. To sign up or get more info click here.

May 2012


It is my great privilege to announce that I am now taking on a limited number of students for individual, one-on-one mentoring programs. My main focus is qualifying Professional Medical Intuitive Practitioners. However, I have also been customizing programs based on student requirements.

If you are very interested in further developing your intuitive gifts but unsure about where your development might fit, contact me by email or phone 604-317-6676 and we can work on designing a program based on your specific goals.

**Please note that in order to provide my mentoring clients with personal attention and focus, I will only be taking in a limited number of students at a time.

May 5: Tapping Intuition, Clearing Manifestation Blocks & Setting Energy Barriers

For this class I am welcoming my friend and guest teacher, Phyllis Straub a renowned energy practitioner.

We will learn about tapping intuition, clearing blocks to manifestation, the role of fear, and tools for empaths – setting and strengthening energetic barriers, and what a medical intuitive does.

Space is limited and fills fast, please RSVP. To sign up or get more info, click here.

March 2012

March 17: Opening Your Intuitive Gifts: NEW Class (By Donation)

This class is about learning to open yourself to your intuition. We all have natural abilities to read and pick up on energy – including YOU!

And your gifts are unique to you – your intuition works for you in a way that is unlike anyone else’s.

Learn how easy it is, how easy it always can be, and have fun.

We will cover:

  • Your unique intuitive abilities
  • Easy ways to strengthen and develop them
  • Sharpen your “6th Sense Skills”
  • Get a taste of what a medical intuitive does
Attendance is by donation.

Space is limited and fills fast, please RSVP. To sign up or get more info, click here.

February 2012

**NEWS**: New Intuition Seminars & Classes

Have you ever wanted to learn to be a professional intuitive? The possibilities are big and include everything from corporate and businesses intuition to medical intuition.

Even if you think you are not sure how to use your intuition, you are intuitive. An interest and willingness to develop your natural gift is the only pre-requisite.

A new accessible, ethical program is coming out very soon that is dedicated towards training Professional Medical Intuitive Practitioners. There will also be additional seminars for programs such as corporate intuition, working with animals, and more.

Watch this site for details or contact me for more information.