Medical Intuitive Training

Calling all holistic practitioners, healers, energy workers, intuitives, health coaches, nutritionists, and big-hearted lightworkers….


What if You Could Add a Powerful Tool to Your Practice that Will Give Positive Results for Your Clients?



Dear Friend, Have you ever thought things like…

“I have an intuitive ability, but I don’t always know if it’s telling me the right thing – or if those are just my “thoughts”. ”

“If I was just a little more confident, I know I would be working with more clients. ”

“I have always had a feeling that I am a powerful healer, I know I have something inside that can really help people. ”

“I have always wanted to awaken my abilities but I never found the right teacher or program.”

“I wish I could pinpoint what’s going on in my client’s body so I could help them more.”

If you’ve said “YES” to a couple of those, then keep reading, because your intuition has brought you here today so you can make the contribution to people’s lives that you’ve always wanted to. You know there’s something missing, and a piece that will help you be the powerful healer you know you’re meant to be. That piece is a powerful guidance system inside of you that if you really knew how to use – would change your life, and the lives of your clients. My name is Elise Yohm, and I help people who are in the healing profession to hone their intuitive skills and get amazing results for their clients. They get way more confident, and their clients rave about them. Everyone is happy.

Like you, I have gotten pretty frustrated at the fact that people are still handing over their healing to doctors who are overmedicating, and focusing on symptoms – and they’re not really healing. In fact, they are just getting sicker. I wanted to do something about it, and help people with the root cause of their illness, so they can heal their entire body, mind, and spirit. I want to live in a world where people are feeling good – don’t you?

I experienced the powerlessness of being at the mercy of the medical system myself, and having no answers.

Over a decade ago, I sat alone in a hospital hallway waiting for my father to wake up from medical test when the doctor came by and said, “He has a pancreatic tumor.” And then he walked away. This was the first time in my life where I sat with no answers, no solution, and no one offered me any comfort at all. I had to sit and watch my dad suffer until he died 4 months later. I went on a journey to do something about this, so that I could help people who have been left with no answers to get back their power to heal their own bodies – and have the life they always wanted. I began to look everywhere for answers, and read dozens of books on healing and how it worked. I saw a pattern over and over again, that we all had the power to heal – and the secret was in honing our intuitive ability, because that always pointed to the right answers and a real outcome – which was that when people could tune in and listen to their bodies, they would get better.   

I began my own intensive training as a medical intuitive, and since then I have helped people over and over again to heal from issues that the medical establishment could do nothing with. I’ve watched people get their lives back. I’ve been asked over and over again to teach my process to others, and it’s now my mission to empower healers from all over the world to develop their abilities to powerfully help their clients. And it works. I’ve worked with nurses, therapists, nutritionists, coaches, and holistic practitioners with this invaluable skill that helps them with their life purpose – which is empowering their clients and patients to heal their bodies, and in many cases – their whole life.

If you would like to gain this powerful tool to use in your healing practice, then you’re invited to join me for this exclusive program:


Intuitive Healing Mastery

This program is designed to give you comprehensive training and guidance so that can help your clients have amazing results working with you, and grow your business as a healer!

This is a complete 6 month training, and here is exactly what you will learn:

Module 1: Open the Door to Your Hidden Intuitive Talents


In this first part of the Intuitive Mastery Course, your abilities will get so honed – that you’ll be tuned in, tapped in and turned on! In this module you will:

  Green Check Mark Hone Your Intuitive Style

Do you see pictures?  Hear phrases?  Get certain feelings?  You will get clear on how YOUR intuition works so that it gets stronger and more powerful.            

          Green Check Mark  How to Work With a Client

You will learn how to “translate” what’s coming to you in a way that your client will understand, so that they can begin the healing process. You’ll become a master interpreter of your intuition and learn to trust yourself more than you ever have before, so that you will be excited to share your gifts with your clients.            

          Green Check Mark  Heal Thyself so that You Can Heal Others

With your newly honed intuitive ability, you will heal some of your own blocks and resistance in every area of your life, so that you can be your most impressive walking testimonial of how awesome your gifts really are.

Module 2: Become a Master Translator and Healer

Now that you have opened the door, and you’ve learned how to articulate what you are sensing and you’ve gotten comfortable accessing your intuition, now it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of what’s really going on with your client. In this module, you will:            

         Green Check Mark   Put it to Work

Now it’s time to learn how to read into the real cause of your client’s block, ache, pain, or illness. This is the KEY to helping them heal for good.              

         Green Check Mark   Anatomy for Intuitives

You’ll learn about the different systems of the body, and how they work on an intuitive and energetic level, so that you can easily interpret the body’s messages for your client. You’ll finally be able to tell someone what their body is trying to say to them, so that they can bring attention and healing into the areas that are out of balance, and feel better.  A sigh of relief for everyone.          

         Green Check Mark   How to do Healing from a Distance

Your client does not need to be in the same room as you in order to benefit from your healing talents.  Learn how to help your clients no matter where they are, with my 3-step distance healing system. This will open your business up to any part of the world so you can help more people.

Module 3: Graduating as a Master Intuitive Healer

In this module you will combine what you’ve learned with your unique gifts, knowledge, and experience and work with real people so that you are confident and ready to call yourself a master intuitive healer! In this module, you will:          

        Green Check Mark   Working with Real Cases

It’s time to take your learning and practice, practice, practice.  You will be in a safe, supported environment where you can see your new skills at work and amazing yourself with all your new abilities.            

        Green Check Mark   Incorporating Your Style of Healing with Your Intuition

You have very specific gifts that you bring, and your new skills are meant to complement your current talents and expertise. You will learn how to add this to whatever you do and feel more confident than you ever have before in your ability to help your clients.          

        Green Check Mark   Spiritual Business Principles to Attract Clients

Learning a new craft is only part of the picture.  You need some nuts n’ bolts business know-how to bring in clients. I’ve put together some of the keys that will help you to communicate what you do in a way your clients hear, enroll powerfully, and keep a steady stream of clients coming in.

In this program you will receive:

2 60 Minute Live Classes Each Month

You will also receive MP3’s and Transcripts of all the calls so you can keep them in your library

1 Q&A Call Each Month

So you can ask your questions and get all the guidance you need to integrate the material

2 Private Mentoring Sessions with Elise

You and I will have one on one time so that I can help you custom design your program to fit your needs and highlight your gifts and talents.

Private Facebook Group

Masterminding, connecting, and supporting each other is the best part of a group program.  You’ll have a place to go and post questions, successes, and anything else you’d like to share.

Registration for Classes is OPEN 

Next classes to begin: November 2018

To reserve your spot, fill out the application and I will be in touch within 2-3 business days to set up a brief interview, and answer any questions that you have.

You have an opportunity to learn how to discover and clear the energetic roots of illness with real medical intuitive training. Will you take it? You don’t have to do this alone. It’s my honor to serve as your guide and mentor so you can become the best Medical Intuitive you can be.

Click here to fill in an application form

Congratulations on taking the first step to owning your intuitive healing mastery. Much love,
Elise Yohm, Certified Medical Intuitive



Elise Yohm, Certified Medical Intuitive