Medical Intuitive Technique: Asking for Help

What are three of the hardest words to say?

No, not “I love you”. Those three are actually quite easy when they’re spoken from the heart center.

The three I’m thinking of are these: I. Need. Help.

I, and many of my generation, were raised to be very independent and self-sufficient. And this is a great thing – we use our skills and our resourcefulness to get it done, without fuss or complaints.

In my family we took it a step further – I was the youngest child with two hard-working parents and siblings that lived away from home. It was up to me to make sure I had my lunch made, homework done, piano practiced, and was into bed on time. Looking back, it was a good system for me. It really prepared me and helped me take care of myself through some challenging times that came later.

And, later later on, it highlighted something that needed work: my “ask for help” muscle. My very independent spirit had left it slightly… flabby.

A balance is what I needed, then and now, between knowing, “I can do it!” and “Help is here”.

Boy, did I resist this lesson. I even resisted it in University while trying to tackle calculus on my own. I had some strange notion that if I couldn’t do it alone, this meant I was not good enough to be studying it. Sounds really silly, I know. My only excuse is that I was 18 and too preoccupied with my own angst. Lucky for me, I drew the line with this silliness when it came to suffering through chemistry and physics.

And you know what? I discovered that hey, asking for help made me feel better. And I felt smarter not dumber. And what’s more – help was readily, easily available. All I had to do was ask.

It’s not always so easy – there are times when I find myself tipping the scales back into “I can do everything myself” land when it would serve me more to communicate my needs. The “I need help” muscle requires careful exercise: use it too much you’ll strain it, too little and you’ll forget how useful it is.  

As a medical intuitive, keeping this muscle in shape is absolutely crucial. In this case, especially, having the attitude of “I can do it myself” is not only off-base and egotistical, it’s grossly incorrect.

This is because connecting with your energy and using intuition to locate the disruptions in the energy field is not a solo operation. Not by a long shot. I have (minimum) two big helpers when I am doing this work:

  1. My guidance
  2. You

True story: you are an active, necessary participant in any medical intuitive reading/evaluation.

What is your contribution? You say, “Yes

Your intention, your permission, your openness to the connection and the process are crucial. Without them, the connection to your energy is either very weak or non-existent. It makes for a very futile evaluation.

So for the most part I can hang pictures, fix my bathtub faucet, and navigate a map (sometimes) on my own. But in terms of medical intuitive work, I need *your* help – your *yes* to make it happen.

And I’m very appreciative to have it.