Manifesting Change and Making it Real

NametagLast year was a big year for me as a woman, as a medical intuitive, as a friend, a daughter, a girlfriend, as a student of life.

2012 was essentially a year of change – for me, for friends, for clients, maybe for you too. Big change, uncomfortable change, joyful change.

It was also a big year of letting go, of things falling away, dear things I thought were concrete and sure and most definitely had a place in my life:

  • A friend that was like a sister
  • A beloved
  • The closest thing I had to an older brother
  • A mentor
  • A dream

So much (and so many) dropped away that I stopped keeping track (a mistake to begin with) and was forced to take a close, uncomfortable look at what it was doing to me to try to hang on to what was leaving and falling apart.

I took a deep breath.

I didn’t like what I saw. 

The things I was also trying to keep close were not just the relationships, the things and the plans but the hurts, the tolerations, the pains.

Carolyn Myss (one of the most famous medical intuitives today) talks about “woundology” – the concept of hanging on to hurts because even though they’re painful and they’re keeping you down, they’re what you know, they’re familiar. Keep them long enough and they’re your identity – the wounds become who you are.

I know the concept – I studied it when training as a medical intuitive – and it was scary enough to make me take notice and take stock.

And what I saw was that in trying to keep things the same I was pushing away the truth… and the idea that just maybe, if I were to let things change they might turn out even better.

Ever look at one of those optical illusions where at first you see a picture of an older lady but if you stare long enough, a young beautiful woman appears? But you didn’t see it at first because you were so attached to your first perceptions.

So I was losing those things I listed above. But something more was happening too and if I shifted my focus just slightly I could see that I was also letting go of:

  • The need to swallow my feelings and words in order to keep the peace
  • Tolerating being hurt by someone that voiced love for me
  • Staying quiet when my body was screaming “no!”
  • Settling for anything less than what my heart desires

The universe rewards change. I’ve said that before in previous blogs and I’ll clarify that further now – the universe rewards a willingness to accept change by making the rewards that are already in front of you crystal clear, easy to see, so they are popping up and jumping right at you like 6-month old puppies.

It’s hard to deny because it’s a year later and I have:

  • A group of sisters scattered about the globe that will drop everything for me when I am in need
  • Several incredible, authentic mentors
  • A dream realized
  • An even bigger dream awakening
  • A whole and healthy heart

And now some unexpected news…

I was inspired last year to commemorate the changes that were happening and do something I had always wanted to do: I changed my name. Really and truly – and legally (the certificate arrived today).

Having a name that no one can pronounce properly has been… well, it’s been “ugh!” I know my parents meant well and in all fairness if I had been the boy they were expecting you would be looking at a picture of Steven on my homepage (yes, they did assure me they were happy to be proven wrong).

Because of mispronunciations, misreading, mishearing, misspelling, teasing and very baffling, completely weird mistakes I  have been known as:

  • Robin
  • Robyn
  • Row-byne
  • Bean
  • Beanie
  • Ruby
  • Reuben
  • Rubbery

Interestingly when I worked in the corporate world, clients would sometime hear “Robine” then refer to me as:

  • Louise
  • Lois
  • Lily
  • Ellen

Lasty, most puzzling, in the past few months I have several times been called:

  • Sandy

But now, as of today, after careful deliberation and trying out many many options on my very patient friends (you know who you are and I love you) I am, officially, Elise. Elise Robine Yohm, Certified Medical Intuitive 🙂

You know what? It feels good. It feels really good. It feels like me. For me, making a physical, legal change honours all the energy shifts I’ve journeyed through in the past year, and even prior to that. It’s made them more real, permanent, and very alive.

And every time I say my new name and hear it it’s a reminder of change: in my perceptions, in my visions, and in only accepting the best for myself going forward.