Making Comparisons, Part 1

Finding spiritual wounds & medical intuitive healing

I have just returned from a weekend intensive workshop in California. I had made a commitment to attend some months ago and up until the last minute I wasn’t sure if I was really going to go because of all the hassle – air travel arrangements, hotels, putting my medical intuitive work on hold, getting a pet sitter, etc.

Obviously I decided to honour my pledge and I’m glad I did. Really, really glad. It’s hard to list everything I gained in one blog post but one thing that stands out is a big “aha” moment I had on the second day of the program.

No one will argue that media, especially pop culture media, can be very, very negative. I can feel people nodding as they read this. Not difficult to think of reasons illustrating why. One of the worst kinds of negative examples, for me, involve criticisms of people’s faces.

Their faces.

I feel a contraction in my body as I think of this. Pippa Middleton, much celebrated sister of Duchess Kate, had her face attacked by one well-known designer I won’t name.

My main objection: why should my face (or yours, or hers, or his) have to meet with anyone’s approval? I can take responsibility for my words, my writings, my work, my opinions, my feelings, but my face – something I did not have any say in shaping – is answerable to no one. Not even me. It’s perfect whatever I decide to do (or not do) to it.

But it isn’t just the famous and the reporters and the bloggers doing the dirty. We all get in on the action. If we’re not writing it or saying it we’re laughing at someone else’s comment, meme, cartoon, or picture.

For instance, a certain actress (identity unimportant) in a certain popular series of movies about vampires is frequently (incessantly it seems) zinged for supposedly not having any facial expressions. I disagree with this judgment but that’s not the point.

On one hand, perhaps she is laughing all the way to the bank and doesn’t care. On the other, the real concern is the part of us that finds it so easy to point fingers and make comparisons at someone else – even a celebrity someone else we’ll likely never meet. Because that part of us doing the laughing and the smirking and holding the disdain is – underneath the opinionated armor – hurt. Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, the laughter and judgment is the symptom of a personal hidden wound.

Am I judging you for snickering or rolling your eyes at a botoxed forehead or botched boob job? Never.

Am I pointing *my* finger at you for laughing at the Facebook picture making fun of a celebrity’s so-called shortcomings? Of course not.

The snickering, the judging, the disdain for another – they’re your clues. REALLY good clues – a chance for you to unlock your personal puzzle. Yes, you do have one.

Everything is opportunity. Everything, without exception. When I work with clients during a medical intuitive healing I am locating and clearing these hidden wounds at the root of their illnesses and pain. It’s what I teach my students in medical intuitive training how to do.

But even before these wounds in your energy become physical illness they always show themselves to you in other ways.

Think of your judgments and judgmental thoughts as early warning signs. And we always get them in the face of danger or adverse conditions. If you don’t heed the signs you may get bumped, bitten, eaten, smushed, wet, or fired.

But before that happens there’s an opportunity to change course.

To be continued on Friday with my personal “aha” moment.