Listening to Energy

Some call it “guidance”, others “angels” or “guides” or “intuition” or “energy” or “inner voice” or even “conscience”… I could go on and on. What’s the difference between each? Nothing! They are synonyms – different words describing the exact same thing. What you choose to call it depends on what you are comfortable with. And whatever selection you make, you are right.

I used to listen to people talk about communicating with their guides (or angels, or intuition, etc.) and be in awe. I wanted to be able to do the same thing: hear messages, speak to the energy around me and get really clear answers. At the same time, having two siblings with mental illnesses it freaked me out a little bit. I wanted away from that kind of mayhem.

In some ways my old thinking was right, and (thank god) in many ways I was completely, completely wrong. For one thing, the communication you receive is usually very quiet, and quite unlike the blunt verbal stuff you’re used to. There’s a reason they call it “subtle energy”.  For another, mayhem is out of the picture, especially if you are very definitive and recognize that you are in complete control of what you receive. You very clearly determine to only get what you are capable of handling and ask to be protected, and that is exactly what happens.

So what is subtle energy and quiet communication from the energy like? I undertake this form of communication as a career and I can say that there’s is nothing in the world like connecting with energy. It’s subtle, joyful, and indescribable – like suddenly learning a thousand things at once and floating on air.

But what happens? Well, it differs. When I pick up energy for you, I tend to get it directly in the form of symbols I’ll translate for you. But when it is for myself, I’ll often get messages and cues back from my surroundings. Your intuition will very often do that – use things around you to speak back to you.

Like today. I was watching “The Lord of the Rings” (an Xmas day tradition) and was suddenly inspired to talk to my intuitive energy. I felt around me for its presence and asked for help trusting, courage, strength, protection and guidance. Mere minutes later I heard these words uttered in a movie I was watching: “You must trust yourself, trust in your own strengths.” (Gandalf to Frodo)

And only a couple minutes after that I opened my laptop to see the digital clock read “4:44”. Truly. If you follow the concept of numeric messages (I do like the concept) the number “444” means “thousands of angels surround you at this moment, loving and supporting you…”

I asked for help trusting and protection and in seconds I had my answers. Subtle energy: ask and it’s given.