Learning to laugh and the map to healing

“Medical Intuitive” is one of those professions where (almost always), after I’ve introduced myself, I’m trying to explain what it is that I do. These explanations can be tricky since I’ve got to straddle a fine line between passion and getting caught up in dizzying illustrations of energy bodies and congested emotions, and just what’s simple and easy-to-understand.

Depending on how good a job I’ve done, my explainee could walk away clearer or… running. If I’ve gotten my conversation companion really interested, there’s the chance the subject could veer off, waaaay off, into the deep end of “ghosts”, the paranormal, etc.

It’s off the deep end because while the existence of these things is a somewhat separate matter from medical intuition I will say that learning to work with energy and teaching medical intuitive training did open me up to the unseen possibilities and the fact that there is a whole lot more going on in the world than what our physical senses tell us.

Have I had experiences that would qualify as paranormal? Yes, absolutely.

Have I had times where I thought something spooky was going on but it was really just me being weird? Oh yes… and I’ll get to that in a moment.

I saw an expression on Facebook today that was part cheeky, part true, all hilarious:

“Life is too short to take things so seriously. If you can’t laugh at yourself, come sit by me and I’ll laugh at you”

A good indicator of how much you have healed from a painful event is your ability to hold joy at its memory. I know, sounds ridiculous, impossible, and almost offensive – especially for the more severe, hurtful memories.

My friend Caitriona wrote an article a year ago that I remember very clearly because it contained a life-changing mantra, “This is the best thing that could have happened.

But it can be hard to get there – to say it and really believe it. I understand. So… small steps.

Can you laugh at yourself? Even a little?

It doesn’t sound very groundbreaking, does it? Or that this would have any effect on anything.

But getting to “This is the best thing that could have happened” starts from here.

So back to my (not really) paranormal experience. A few of years ago, late one evening, I became very convinced, totally sure (for many minutes) that there were spirits in my condo. My new condo in a new building with zero history to claim for haunting credentials. A new building that was not even built on ancient burial grounds (unless you count frogs and plants). It is, and was, ordinary, quiet, and vanilla, vanilla, vanilla.

But for a few real minutes I was very excited: ghosts! (There weren’t any.) Spiritual happenings! (No.)

I may not have gained a paranormal anecdote but I recently did get something even more special – the fun of telling the story and the warm joy of inspiring my talented cartoonist friend Veronica “Schticks” Anderson to immortalize it in her comic.

Shine a ray of light on the small stuff and you will make your way to illuminating what you hold as big, painful, and impossible. Because you see, owning a little embarrassment and sharing your small moments of ridiculous will open you up, however slowly, to the truth that it’s all small – all those things that happened, no matter how cringe-worthy, no matter how much shame you’ve dumped on them.

In a very real way, that is what a medical intuitive does – use energy to unlock and clear the shame, the embarrassment, the judgment you are holding onto in your physical body – what’s keeping you from being well and at your best. Trauma about the small things, the big things, even the things you hide away and don’t want to remember.

Then this becomes the real face of healing – when everything is the best thing that could have happened.

Am I finding peace and humour in all the painful events in my past? Not all, not yet, but I have my map and I’m making my way there.