Laughter: Free Energy Medicine

You need food, water, air,  and shelter in order to maintain a reasonable state of health.

For good health, or to rise to an even greater level of vitality you look beyond the basics:

              • Stimulation for your mind
              • Love: both giving and receiving
              • Laughter

Laughter? Yes, as in “Laughter is the best medicine.”

Overused catchphrase? Perhaps, and still completely true.

When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? Or laughed so hard you had a little “accident”? Think back and recall how good it felt during and afterward. Remember that elation and joy stayed with you long after the laughter had ceased.

When I was around 13 years old, I was with my mother in a church service. The sermon topic escapes me but I do recall being very distracted. So much so that I began fidgeting; I balled my hands into fists and started lightly banging my knuckles together. I know, weird, but you can think of very weird ways to occupy your time when you’re 13 and in church.

Suddenly, my mom’s hand came into view as she placed it over my fists. Uhoh, caught. I turned to look at her and her facial expression was a mixture of disbelief and, “Are you from outer space?”

That did it. My strict, religious mother and I burst out laughing. In church. During a sermon. We did try very, very hard to keep it under control and that was a big part of the problem. Knowing that you really must be quiet because it is such a serious occasion just turns something that is mildly funny into a comedy festival. It’s amazing that we made it through another hour of church – every time we made eye contact it started all over again – but somehow we managed to survive with only slight embarrassment. And I remember feeling good, inside and out, for the rest of the day.

More than 20 years later this little memory still makes me smile.

I could go into the finer details of what is going on in the physical body:

  • The feel-good hormones released
  • Muscles are relaxed
  • Bodily tension is eased

But how about the energetic body and the spirit? Rather than telling you, I’d love for you to experience it again and feel it.

Step 1: Laugh.

Need help? These two blogposts had me howling:

Step 2: Feel it, and enjoy this feeling.

Then, when you are able to:

Step 3: Close your eyes.

Step 4: Notice how your body feels with this energy awakened within.

There are several answers for Step 4 and the right one is whatever your answer is.

For me:

  • My ribcage feels like it has expanded
  • My entire body feels light, weightless
  • There’s a warmth through my chest and heart area that radiates out through the rest of my body
  • I’m relaxed, tired in a good way
  • Sometimes there’s a tingling sensation in my hands

The feelings and sensations you’ve noticed in Step 4 are also the feelings of your body, energy, and spirit lifted into a natural high state. What’s special about this natural high is it’s as sign that your body, energy, and spirit are in a prime, vitality filled state for self-healing. And in consciously noticing what is going on in Step 4, you are indeed learning to work with your own energy.

Yes, laughter is medicine. It is also a free, powerful, easy energy tool. And let’s face it, a heck of a lot more fun than many of the things we do to keep ourselves healthy.