It’s Xmas?

Always nice to see everyone so happy for at least a few days of the year.

And as for me? Well, with everyone I love away from me (out of town, out of touch, etc) and one choosing to not celebrate at all (hi mom) I get to pick my own traditions. So many to choose from…

There’s my favorite because it makes me laugh: Festivus! And it’s so easy to do – once I set up my aluminum pole I just Air Grievances then invite brave people over to challenge me to Feats of Strength.

Or, if I follow Hugh Grant’s character in “About a Boy” I can watch movies, get high, get drunk. Ok, probably just the watching of movies.

There’s the old tradition I learned about from an old boyfriend: work, work, and um work, like it’s any other day of the year. That one’s kind of dull.

I’ll decide soon. But meantime I have run out of tequila and the store’s about to close!!!