My “Invisible” Gifts of 2011

What did you get for Christmas? Something awesome? A special gift you’ve had your eye on all year? Maybe a complete surprise that had you jumping for joy as soon as you tore off the wrapping paper. I hope so.

There’s a very strange looping video that plays on cable access channels each year on Christmas day. Maybe you’ve seen it? It’s a burning log. When I first saw it I thought it must be a joke, but it is a real show of just a burning log. Even better, I hear there’s a channel of rotisserie chicken. I leave the surprise for your discovery if you’ve yet to see it but the main plot line consists of cooking.

I have an even better idea for a video to loop on Christmas day – yes even better than an endlessly burning log – a montage of people’s faces while they open their presents. Happiness and pleasure infectiously rolling off the screen. One of my favourite parts of “Love Actually” are the airport scenes showing real shots of friends and family greeting each other – it’s pure love on film.

With that thought in mind my intuition has guided me to make a gratitude list for my presents, but in a different style. I do love the material gifts I received – absolutely treasure them. And I also want to pay attention to the intangibles I’ve gotten throughout the year – the invisible gifts that are still giving me a very warm glow.

Confused? I’ll start listing them to give you an idea:

  1. I achieved Certification in Intuitive Work, realizing a dream
  2. I fell in love with energy work and doing intuitive readings
  3. I got to babysit my mother’s puppy for 2 whole months (lots of poop cleanup but an exceptional amount of unconditional love)
  4. I loved working with each and every one of my intuitive clients and feel so blessed they chose me to work with their energy, reading and healing blocks
  5. I was able to let go of an IT job to fully immerse myself in energy work
  6. I learned
  7. I met phenomenal intuitive healers that have become colleagues and friends
  8. I deepened friendships with fellow medical intuitives
  9. I gained confidence and trust
  10. I loved
  11. My sometimes rocky relationship with my mom became more loving
  12. I took leaps of faith
  13. I achieved a closer connection with my own intuition and energy
  14. I recognized the gifts of each (very) challenging situation I’ve had this year
  15. I put on my first discussion and learning group on intuition
  16. I taught intuition classes in Vancouver and New York
  17. I had the wonderful privilege of guiding very talented medical intuition students
  18. I received gracious feedback of the positive changes and healing my clients have experienced through my guided work
  19. I felt the joy of channeling guided information
  20. I had the privilege of doing live intuitive energy assessments on radio shows

This list feels even better to write than the gratitude list of my material gifts. I could continue it too, but this seems like a good start for today and a great way to end 2011.

Just listing your gifts has hidden energy benefit – it’s an energy tool in itself. For one, you experience the positive healing light flood through your physical and energetic bodies all over again. And two, in doing so you invite more positive joy and new gifts to flock to you – an honest to goodness (very real) joy magnet. This is real manifestation and an energy tool in one shot – and so easy.