Intuition is funny…

Ever get seemingly coincidental messages come to you from out of the blue?

This past month I had to walk away from someone that was really trying hard to make a very negative impact on me. Placing that energetic boundary was the best decision I could make and my energy lightened considerably once I did.

However, over the past week they have been trying very hard to angle their way back in, making very dedicated attempts to bring my energy down again.

When you are energetically sensitive – as many of us are – it can take a very conscious effort to keep yourself from being affected and remain calm. Especially in the face of an attack.

But if you are open to it, your intuition is always at hand and ready to help you. Guidance will work in mysterious ways, and often with a sense of humour. I got three messages in the past few hours… 

From Twitter (please excuse the language):





From Facebook:














And another from Facebook:










I think my guidance is trying to tell me something. And I think the message is: “You’ll be just fine”