Intuition Games: The Golden Globes

It’s award show season! Tonight I will be watching the Golden Globes – partly because I find them funny but I also have a very practical reason. It’s the same reason I intend to watch every entertainment award show televised in the next couple of months from the Globes to the SAGs to the Oscars.

Now I absolutely love movies, but I will be honest and admit that I haven’t seen half of the shows nominated this year.

Why watch it then? One of my favorite things: playing with intuition!

Developing your intuitive skills and getting attuned to your inner voice is actually not all breathing exercises, studying, meditating, and serious practice. In fact, the more you can find ways to play and have fun with intuition, the better you will become at it.

And awards shows are an excellent opportunity to have a great time playing with the difference between what you think and what you know.

Have the TV on in the background if you’re really not interested in watching or need to do other things – cooking, chores, crafts, paperwork, etc.

Then – when they are announcing the nominees, briefly take mental note of each nominee for that category.

Before they announce the winner, quickly:

Step 1: Ask yourself who you think (based on your mind and judgement) will win.
Step 2: Ask your intuition (dropping your energy to your belly) who will win.
Step 3: When they announce the winner, see who’s right – thinking mind, or gut instinct.

The trick is to take the first answer that comes to you in Step 2.

No second guessing! It may not make sense to your brain and that’s cool – intuition often disagrees with intellect and – as you will see by playing this game – it’s often right.

Take this example: maybe you think George Clooney will win Best Actor because of all the publicity you’ve heard and the predictions made by all the media outlets. But for some reason, your gut says, “No, Michael Fassbender will win” even though before that moment you had never heard of that actor. That’s ok – take note and just see what happens.

A big part of developing your intuition is increasing your trust in yourself – in your instincts, in what your body knows over your analytical mind.

The great thing about intuitive games is that:

  1. They’re fun
  2. They work
  3. They’re inconsequential

You won’t lose sleep, money, or wellbeing by testing your intuition on awards shows. But you will get a good sense of how intuitive you really are and build that trust.

More trust = stronger intuition.

And with stronger intuition, you will have a greater certainty with your instincts when it is time to make the bigger life decisions.

Happy watching, and have fun!