Healing & “Sorcery”

I came across this article in my newsfeed today about a woman in Saudi Arabia that was beheaded for practicing “sorcery and witchcraft”. According to news reports from the country, this woman claimed she could heal illness and received money for it.

This report made me feel sad and shake my head at the same time. First, it is impossible to confirm her actual practices from the official reports – who knows, perhaps she was only practicing a form of energy healing and medical intuition. And if that was the case, how lucky are we, how lucky am *I* to live in a country where I can freely practice as an intuitive.

But what if the news reports contained zero spin-doctoring? I know of some very famous intuitive healers in this country – on this side of the world – that claim that very thing this woman was killed for: “I CAN heal YOU!” Emphasis on the *I*. This is wrong all they way around – wrong up one side of the house and doubly wrong the other side down. It’s false, bad karma, and a deceptive statement.

Sheesh. I never ever claim the intuitive information I receive about you is *mine* or that *I* know something. To do so would be lying. I (and every other intuitive for that matter) am just a conduit – a telephone if you will – passing on intuitive guidance that I receive for you. Intuitive healings are the same: we receive healing energy and pass it to you as a careful, skilled conduit.

Either way it is sad this woman lost her life, whatever she was doing or claiming. It is sad that intuitive healers (everywhere) with false claims cast a shadow on those that are doing good work. I feel what happened was tragic, in spite of whatever she did. And I believe that intuitives with shady practices causing hurt do pay the price eventually – it is the simple law of karma. Depending where you are, this price can be simply tragic.