Happy for Your Holiday

Medical intuition: healing the wound and finding the giftI was drinking my coffee this morning intending to write up an article on my medical intuitive training program when something very different and completely off topic caught my eye.

A man in Saskatoon has lost his bid to have “Merry Christmas” removed from the city’s LED bus signs. The same signs that flash the number and name of the bus route, flash sports cheers, and announce when the vehicle is full. His claim is that it offended his atheist sensibilities and excluded religious minorities. Apparently the Human Rights Commission is next.

It is a silly complaint, no question. And he’s also not the first one to voice it. I recall similar hullabaloos in previous years with similar results.

While it would be easy to dismiss and discard this person’s statements, as a medical intuitive it’s second nature for me to get curious and look deeper and into the cracks in the energy – peel back the layers of what looks inconsequential and get to the wound underneath.

Now I don’t know him or claim to know anything about his reasoning or his motivations. What I do know is that it can make for a very miserable existence to fill your life with pushing against small issues that upset you. You hurt yourself the most, your energy and body, and warring on something (including Christmas) has never solved anything. If your intentions are really about inclusion and the betterment of everyone, there’s a better and way, way more effective way to get it done.

How? It’s not hard or time-consuming and don’t even need to get out of your chair.

You make a simple consideration: this thing that bothers me – is it bringing enjoyment to someone else? To even one person? Doesn’t matter if you like or believe in this sign/greeting/message/thing/whatever, but can you allow another person their enjoyment?

For example, I don’t celebrate Kwanzaa. Or Ramadan. Or Diwali. Or Chinese New Year. I have no connection to Hanukkah either. But when I see signs posted or pictures, or hear people discussing customs and celebrations, I imagine their festivity and lightness at and I feel different. In a real sense I’ve tuned in to the energy of their celebration and if I can allow myself to feel happy for them – I’ve accepted an invitation to share in their light without any requirement to share in their beliefs.

Feel that? The energy has already lifted.

We know that being of service allows us to do good and makes us feel good. To take it a step further (or somewhere in between) – I may not feel warm inside over signs and decorations for a faith I don’t subscribe to, but I can feel good that they make you happy. I can respect and appreciate that it’s something you’re part of… and surprise, I feel good for you *and* great for me.

It’s true that your feelings and beliefs are important – and you might think I’m advocating shelving them in the face of someone else’s. But I’m not. And you don’t get to happy-town by putting down another person’s beliefs or their means to joy. Ever.

“Merry Christmas” (or “Happy Hannukah”, or veganism, or  planes, trains, rap, opera, philosophy, homeopathy, medical intuitive healing, soil science, Bieber,…) doesn’t jazz you? That’s okay.

Find another focus that does and as long as that something is not a crusade against the thing you don’t like, you’ll find your satisfaction and your smile.

And you won’t even notice the bus lights anymore.