Getting out of Your Head: An Easy Meditation

I once bought a book by a famous author well known for her writings on meditation and spirtuality (I will refrain from naming her here because I do still respect her and think her works are pretty awesome).

But when I read her book and tried to do the exercises I was hopelessly lost. Completely, utterly frustrated with my lack of ability to do them as she specified. Before getting this book I had thought I was very good at following directions but this one set me straight on that.

There were just so many steps to follow and they went something like this:

  1. Imagine a city in the clouds, feeling this feeling of joy
  2. Walk through the city noticing this and that building and the other building over there
  3. Get to the castle beside this building on the left between the fountain and the tree
  4. Walk inside and there will be all these things in the foyer with these people
  5. Over past the people there will be doors, and feel the feeling of anticipation
  6. Go through these doors and greet these people
  7. …etc

And on and on and on. Truly, I’m not even exaggerating. A whole chapter of instructions that read more like a story and I had little hope of remembering exactly what I was supposed to do. And remember, when you meditate you are supposed to be focusing, not peeking at the book.

The irony is that the simpler meditations with only a few steps are just as effective as the flowery, complicated, beautiful visualizations. Either kind will help you:

  • Ground your energy
  • Relieve stress
  • Focus
  • Gain intuitive insight

And more, depending on your intention.

It’s just that our minds are very fond of complications and puzzles and would have you believe that the points above can only be accomplished with years of practice, hours of sitting, and/or complex visualizations containing clouds, castles, etc.

But why buy into that thinking when you can save yourself the hassle and still get good results?

I have a favourite, fast meditation/visualization that is excellent for quick stress relief, focusing, and getting answers from your intuition:

Step 1: Close your eyes.

Step 2: Visualize the energy gathered in your head (this should be easy – we are often, especially when stressed, caught up in our heads with thinking and worrying).

Step 3: Imagine there is a little elevator in your head and take a deep breath in through the bottom of your belly.

Step 4: With a deep exhale, imagine this elevator suddenly drops all the energy clustered in your head down to your belly, through the base of your spine and into the earth.

With the energy now having left your head, feel that reduction of pressure and keep breathing in and out from deep within your belly.

(A note about deep breathing: try to keep the shoulders still, just breathing in and out in a way that makes your belly move in and out like a big balloon.)

And that’s it! 5 minutes (more if you can) is all you need to work with this energy and feel more focused, calmer, and grounded.

In a future post, I’ll add a couple of steps (very few, I promise) on how you can use this meditation to get answers from your intuition.