Free Teleclass: Manifestation Acceleration With The Chakras

Focus on the Positive and it WILL HAPPEN


That’s what you’ve been taught with the Law of Attraction


So… Where is it?

Why hasn’t it happened yet?


It seems like a big frustrating mystery.

But ALL of the answers – and the keys to make it happen – are already within your possession. You’ve been holding them all along in your chakras


Manifestation Acceleration

With The Chakras

Chakras are more than just an energy centers – they are more than simply “open” or “closed”.


The Chakras are Tools


They’re a manifestation battery pack – the thing that takes your goal from random, wishful, hopeful thought into physical reality. As in right here, right now, in your face living and doing the thing you always imagined.

Best of all – you already have them, they’re yours!

And I’m going to show you how to use them to uncover your map to manifestation, the solution to manifestation blocks, so you can get out of “Why hasn’t it happened yet?” and into “Wow that’s even better than I expected!


And Everyone Has Them


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The Next Free Teleclass:

Manifestation with the Chakras

May 3, 2014


I’ll demystify the process, help you push through the fear, and get you several steps closer to living and having that dream.
Why am I doing this Free 75 Minute Teleclass on Manifestation with the Chakras?

Because I am inspired by my community, clients, and students – by people that keep searching and trying and willing their dreams forward.

I meet people every day that continue to strive in spite of challenges and their own doubts. I happen to have learned some specific tools and “shortcuts” through my work as a Medical Intuitive Healer and I believe in sharing what I have learned (and proven).

This is my way of giving back, building relationships, and making new friends.



During this Free 75 Minute Teleclass on Manifestation with the Chakras you will:


  • Learn specifically which chakra holds the crucial energy block that is holding you back
  • Learn exactly what you need to do to shift out of stagnation and into realization of your dream
  • Devise a clear and effective energetic roadmap of your next three definitive steps to take
  • Dissolve at least one block standing in your way
  • Break out of overwhelm and into inspired action
  • Receive an energetic clearing that boosts your manifestation


May 3, 2014

11am Pacific – 2pm Eastern

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BONUS For Live Callers


For registrants that attend live, I will be choosing one person during the class for a free 15 minute intuitive session.

Ready? Let’s have some fun!

Much Love,

Elise Yohm, Certified Medical Intuitive