Forgiveness & Weight Loss: The “Quick” Detox

Medical Intuition and healing comparison woundsDid you know that the act of forgiveness results in simultaneous weight loss? Scientifically proven and true. This includes forgiveness you extend towards yourself.

Now we’re talking grams/ounces here peeps, not mass poundage. But it is something significant enough that you will *feel* it in your body.

I had this experience yesterday when I asked a dear friend to witness my letting go of painful events I was tired of carrying around. 

Is a witness necessary? Upon reflection today, yes. It makes a big difference. I had journaled, cried, shouted (in the privacy of my home) about it all many, many, many times. And it helped – to a degree. But I was conscious that the “gunk” also hung on. What I could do for my friends and my medical intuitive healing clients, even my students, I was unable to accomplish for myself – the burden was too heavy.

The answer? I followed my intuition and asked my friend for help witnessing. I’ll admit that starting the process, getting it out, made me nervy. There’s a reason I’d tried to do this twice before and backed down.

And when it was over I felt tired. Drained. But it was/is the kind of tired where it was like I’d been carrying around ten-pound sandbags in each hand all this time and finally dropped them.

And the feeling of release, the next day, is still tangible, still clear. Forgiveness isn’t about condoning an action or hurt done to you. In the case of self-forgiveness, it’s not about ignoring lessons learned or giving yourself permission to get into bad situations again.

It’s simply this: dropping the weights.