Finding Career Love Now

Tomorrow morning at 11am PST I’m doing my last show (for now) for News for the Soul. It’s been a nice run and perhaps I will go back in the future but for now it’s time to move on to other things.

For me, taking a caller on the show and doing a medical intuitive reading is far from the end of our engagement. Often this person will sit in my energy and my heart for a long time afterward.

One lady from the Eastern US area called in to the show in early December 2011. I’ll call her Celia. Celia was dealing with a huge load and my heart went out to her. Serious marital issues, emotional worries manifesting as physical problems, spousal dysfunction, and to top it all off a pressing uncertainty with her career.

Celia was doing something she was good at but she needed more income. This career was beneficial in that she could work from home and have the flexibility she needed to deal with her spouse but it was leaving her dissatisfied. She felt trapped. And Celia wanted more – was at her wit’s end with wanting it.

Sound familiar? It does to me, on a personal level. Same for many of us. Change a few details, the name and age of the caller, the date, the situation, and Celia can switch places with one a client I advised last fall.

Finding your life purpose is a different conversation than what I wanted to blog about today. And I will go into it in a future post. But for now – for right now – because we need a way to feel good about what we are doing now, I will offer up an easy solution for that. 

As I told a client last summer, “You can want more from life and you absolutely deserve it. But you’re going the wrong way if you are trying to elevate your situation while being in the place of feeling bad about it.”

In other words, appreciate it – whatever it is.

Yes, I know, you’ve heard that one. Appreciate what? I know it sucks, and I will still bet my life that there is, at the root of that job, situation, relationship, or whatever, a core of light and something deep you can feel good about, proud of, love for.

In my former career I worked for a software company. One of my many positions included providing technical support for customers that called or emailed in. It could be very thankless at times, depressing, and monotonous. And still at its core, there was something to appreciate and feel love for.

When I changed my attitude and perception, I could see that I was doing something more than just fixing code and problem-solving. I was helping people, helping them fix things that were harming their livelihood, getting them back on track to running their business and feeding their families.

When I stayed in that thread of appreciation long enough, of appreciating that my (painful) job helped someone else, pain changed to peace. And from that peace a new opportunity suddenly opened up to me: medical intuition. I love the feeling of helping people and wanted a chance to do it in a deeper way than finding errors in software code. So now as a Certified Medical Intuitive, I am  finding “errors” or rather blocks, on a much bigger scale: in your energy. Instead of getting software to run smoothly I can now help you get your life running smoothly.

For Celia, and for everyone, finding the point of appreciation in your current (perhaps terrible) job is easy. It involves flipping your perspective from where you are unable to see what it’s doing for you to seeing how you are helping someone else.

Make sense? Where in your current job are you providing a service or help to someone else? And I am 200% sure that place exists. Appreciate that. Even more importantly, appreciate yourself for the good you are providing. I promise, feeling this appreciation is a huge part of the “secret” energy treasure map to finding your purpose – in every area of your life.