Fight or heal?

The language you use, the words you say carry energy.

Well, of course right?

But how much attention are we paying to what we say and exactly what these words mean?

Yesterday I read a tweet by a well-known celebrity that was kind of… sour. Or at least she was when she wrote it. She was mad that an organization was getting publicity for being treated badly. Her point was that we ought to be focusing on the charity that was “fighting breast cancer”.

I tossed her primary intention – bashing the organization – out the window and instead her choice of words caught my attention.

“Fighting” cancer. That’s been our natural reaction. It gets media attention, serves as a focal point for fundraisers, articles, anecdotes, stories, ads, campaigns… you name it. We fight the “good” fight against the dread disease, the addiction, the substance, the illness, the condition, the people.

And what does it mean to fight cancer? Depends on how you see it.

Yes, really.

When my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer that’s what we did – fight it. It was an invader into our lives and his body, what else was there to do but treat it like the enemy it was. 

But having now gone through medical intuitive training and seeing things from an energy medicine point of view, my perception has obviously shifted. Because what is illness or disease but quite basically a message from the body and the energy?

It’s a message that something is really not working correctly, but it is still a message. It says that energetic congestion has built in the energy body, built up heavily and for years with negative emotions and trauma. Built up so much and so thoroughly that it has manifested in the physical and the physical body has lost its capacity to self-heal.

So, what now?

You’ve heard the expression, “Don’t shoot the messenger”?

If your mindset is to “fight” the cancer (illness, or whatever) – whether you realize it or not you consciously and energetically reject the message, you reject any idea or concept of learning what is really going on behind the scenes.

And with this mindset, you are also telling your energy that you are not listening and… opening the door for it to manifest the message in a different way. A different illness, another accident, something that else will get your attention on the message.

Heavy stuff.

So in an effort to be aware of what you say, what condition are you setting in your energy with your words, how you are vibrating your energy? Is it with the frequency of “fight” or “understand”? “Reject and ignore” or “Listen and heal”?