Featuring on Enlightened Health Radio

It has been frighteningly long since I have posted. Shockingly long.

And today, with my first new post in almost a month I am not even really blogging… but I have something better! And exciting!

Ok, maybe just exciting for me.

This Sunday I will be chatting with my new friend and colleague Justin Elledge on his show, Enlightened Health Radio.

It will be fun – I do hope you tune in, it will be great fun! Again, maybe just for me – but I promise I can be entertaining at least for a few minutes in an hour.

See Justin’s official announcement below:

The live Enlightened Health Radio Program with host Justin Elledge, Medical Intuitive on 
 http://www.awakenedradio.net/livechatroom.php  this Sunday evening. It will be a most interesting evening!

Where:  http://www.awakenedradio.net/livechatroom.php

When: 7-9 Pacific Time, 10-Midnight Eastern.

Guest Speaker:

Robine Yohm  7-8PM Pacific
Robine Yohm is a software engineer and corporate trainer turned certified medical intuitive and teacher. She is the founder of HealYourOwnBody.com, which serves people with chronic illness and emotional challenges and helps them to get in touch with their body, and to release chronic pain, illness, and depression naturally.” MAY be taking phone calls on the show.

-There is a chat room available if you want to be a part of program!