Everything happens FOR you – so say “yes!”

Everything that happens in your life happens FOR you.

Meaning rather than, TO you.

In other words, everything is good – every event, every issue, every so-called problem. In this train of thought, there actually are no problems.

I believe this – I truly do. I speak it, I do my best to live it.

That is, except when something comes up for me that is a problem – like yesterday. If I looked in the mirror yesterday afternoon I swear I would have seen steam coming off of my head I was so peeved!

And that’s the real test, the real point where you see if you have just been spouting a cliche, talking your talk but taking a siesta when it came time to walk it.

Our lives are a classroom and we are in a constant state of learning – and it’s a good thing, really it is. For one, you never know what is coming around the corner and the lessons of today are exactly, exactly what you need to prepare yourself, to make sure you know how to get through it and succeed.

Sometimes, the thing that’s coming around the corner is really good – the super excellent thing you have been wanting and preparing for. And guess what, you DO get to experience it, this super awesome event, person, life, etc.

Isn’t that good news? Actually, it’s GREAT news. 

But first, to get there – there’s this other thing you’re facing now that feels… less than pleasant. There are actually a number of very good reasons why you are going through this unpleasantness, and none of these reasons have anything to do with “paying a price” in order to get to the super excellent place.

Personally, I know what I face now in my life is symbolic of “getting rid of the old” to make room for the newer and better. It’s just that sometimes there is a bit of temporary chaos (to put it mildly in my case) that the “old and tired” leaves in its wake as it gets cleared out.

Keyword: temporary.

A very wise mentor of mine likes to say, “Find the positive lesson in what you’re going through!” Then after you find one she has you keep finding more, because where there is one amazingly enough more follow. And more. And they keep popping up as you open to finding them. It’s like pet hair – just when you think you’ve found it all, there’s always more behind the bed. Or the fridge. Or under the couch. Or…

Not interested in finding the lesson? You might be tired of dealing with the issue as it is and it’s all you can do to just get through it – never mind going into all the deeper aspects.

And you know what, that’s ok. Really it is, I hear you. There have been times when I’ve just wanted to stew and take a break, leaving the lessons for next time.

Yup – there will be a next time as long as you remain unaware of why this particular thing is happening for the good of you. It happens as many times as it needs to for you to gain that understanding.

It’s like limitless, free re-takes for an exam you never knew you signed up for.

Hmmm… on second thought yeah, maybe just find one lesson, at least one reason before you take that break. And say “yes” to it, welcome the good part because when you see it from that perspective you will find a surprising realization arises: it’s all good.