Energy Drains: Shopping!

Boxing day shopping! Did I venture out, even though there was a coat I’ve been eyeing and longing for? I stayed home! The crowds, the hectic energy, the fuss, the mayhem, nothing swayed me. I stayed away from boxing day shopping because I slept in!

In previous years I would have been very wary of venturing out to the mall and stores on Boxing Day but today it is different. I even went to the mall on Christmas Eve. Twice! And you know what, nothing bothered me. The stress, frustration, irritation,  impatience of previous years stayed far away from ME. Me Рthe girl that was the Olympic Impatience Team, every year, gold medal undefeated in my home.

I used to beat myself up about it too. I’d feel irritated while shopping, maybe snap at someone, feel terrible and guilty afterward, vow to not go shopping on crowded days anymore‚Ķ then do the same thing again the next year. But what I figured out was, not all of my shopping impatience and irritation was originating with me. This is true for you too – you can feel ok about getting shopping-grumpy.

Here’s why:

  1. You radiate an energy field that contains a huge amount of information, including emotions.
  2. Your energy field is interacting with the fields of the people and things around you.
  3. Part of that interaction is receiving the emotions of others through this energy field.

Suddenly feel irritated? You are picking up the emotions of the woman across the walkway frustrated with her kids, the guy arguing with his girlfriend around the corner, the impatient person that’s been in line for a mocha latte for 10 minutes, and so on.

But, without knowing this consciously, you instead attribute the emotions, the energy, to yourself and own what you never originated.

The solution, and it is an excellent effective energy tool, is simple – so simple. And it lies in the fact that:

  1. You are a far stronger conscious PROJECTOR of emotions than a receiver.
  2. Your projection is exponentially stronger with positive energy.

I’ll post a “How To” on this energy tool in the next post. Until then, happy boxing day! May you have gotten all the excellent deals you were wishing for.