Emotions & Healing

I get a lot (!) of questions about what I do and one of the main topics is usually centered on emotions and what in the world they have to do with healing the physical body.

When I do an intuitive reading I pick up on a great deal of what is going on with you emotionally. If you have the perspective that an intuitive reading that is focused on health and the body ought to be diagnosing illnesses and pointing out physical ailments, my protocol and methods would seem… well, pointless.

And I understand this point of view. And I can tell you that it’s just part of the story.

The old style of medicine viewed the body like a car:

  1. Put fluid A into slot B
  2. Get result C
  3. Repeat as required until healed

But we are not like cars and science and medicine is finally admitting that the old style is vastly incomplete.

Your thoughts, your emotions, your expectations, your intentions… all will affect the outcome of the treatment your doctor provides you.

Your thoughts, emotions, expectations, intentions, memories, history all brought your body to the state of health it is in today.

By state of health I mean:

  • Physical health
  • Mental & emotional
  • Relationships
  • Behaviour patterns
  • Career
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Etc.

Bringing your attention to the emotional stress and/or trauma you are carrying in parts of your body (especially if you are unaware of doing this) brings an awareness in. Awareness means consciousness, healing, and the chance to return to health in ALL aspects of your life.

Emotional trauma and stress you carry in the body are exactly the thing that stops the body from healing. It is what keeps you in that “stuck” place – unable to move forward in your job, career, relationship. Continuing to make harmful food choices. Unable to find the right relationship. Unable to move forward. Unable to be the best person you know, and I know, you can be.

Diagnosis is far removed from my practice. This is partly because diagnosis is in a different world than healing and energy.

How do you know a tree is a tree? Because that is what we are told. But really, “tree” is just a noun, a word used to describe this living structure that looks a certain way. Drop the word and you gain a whole new perspective on what is really standing in the forest.

What is a diagnosis? Again it is just a word. A word that was decided would describe a certain set of symptoms. Drop the word and you understand what I have been trained to see: the energy behind the certain set of symptoms, the conditions that brought them forth.

And you have a new perspective and a real opportunity to change the symptoms and your entire life.