Emotional Contagion: The “Dear Leader” Funeral

Reading this article today regarding North Korea’s funeral for the recently departed “Dear Leader”, Kim Jong-Il. As I expected, scores of pictures and video went viral showing funeral goers weeping and wailing. And I mean, wailing. Big time crying, “ugly snot” type crying, the type the you only do a few times in your life and since you were 4 years old and your older brother ruined your toys.

A friend remarked on this last week with a chuckle when we met up for a Christmas Guinness. All those people crying over a guy like him? The article made some valid points and I agree with them but they left out an important part: emotions are contagious – like a virus – but spread via energy fields.

Like 99.99% of the rest of us, this guy was not my favorite person. No admiration, no respect, definitely no love lost. A man that lived in excess while the majority of his citizens starved is someone that’s difficult, if not impossible, to care about.

And yet – if I (god forbid) I happened to be stuck in that country during that time and the camera was on me you can bet I would be doing my own ugly snot cry, wailing and weeping with the rest of them.


  1. Fear. If #1 despot of country without embassies, prison camps, and untold horror dies – there’s little shame in showing some emotion to save your own behind.
  2. It’s contagious.

Canned laugh tracks played during television sitcoms will often convince you the show is funnier than it is. The energy expelled during a yawn is powerful enough to evoke one from anyone watching. Surrounded by people crying? You will cry too.

You have an energy body, in addition to your a physical one. It’s what I assess and read when you contact me for a Complimentary Discovery Session. This energy body contains info about your physical state, emotions, mental state, choices, purpose, life path, and so much much more.

And it’s an active thing, this energy body. It’s communicating on its own frequency steadily with its surroundings, with the energy bodies of other people you are connected to that are far away, with the people that are in your vicinity, with the dynamic energy fields all around us.

So it follows that if there are people around you and their energy fields are pulsating, throbbing, screaming with emotions of crying and despair AND you are unconscious of your own energy field taking this all of this on, the manifestation is a rising of physical despair: tears, hormones, grief, lowered immunity, and on and on and on.

Prolonged exposure to things like this without using any energy tools and you progress to storing trauma in your energy body where it can manifest to the physical (pain, illness, disease).

So be conscious of your energy, be proactive with what you are putting out there, and take care of your energy body just as you do your physical one.