Dealing with Avoidance – Fear & Your Energy

Ever had a situation you know you had to deal with but it was just SO uncomfortable that instead of facing it and dealing with it… you became a poster model for procrastination?

I am an expert at that. In fact, I am a gold medalist on the Olympic Procrastination Team – Summer and Winter.

These things are not so simple as just a matter of putting the dishes off until tomorrow or delaying the laundry another few days. The very fact that you are avoiding something means it is a cause of discomfort.

Discomfort in the mind, 10 times out of 10, means discomfort in the body. And you know where that comes from: discomfort in your physical body equals disruptions or blocks in your energy body.

Think of that thing you know is unavoidable but just really gives you the anxious stomach. Or maybe the tight chest. Or perhaps the lower back ache. Or maybe it’s all three, plus a few more choice symptoms.

Is it making that uncomfortable call to a parent? Opening a stack of bills that gets bigger every day? Talking to a hostile associate? An issue that you’ve discovered can’t be resolved except through legal channels?

You know, you really know, that facing the issue would very probably provide relief. But there’s the flip side too – the reason for the avoidance: fear of what might get stirred up when the issue is faced.

The fear feels very real. But the thing you fear will happen – is that real? Actually, no. Truly, the answer is no. We live in the here and now and there is no proof, no evidence, no concrete truth that proves the fear will come to play.

And in the meantime, you hold and build a lot of sticky, dark fear in your energy, blocking joy, blocking wellness and health, preventing you from finding real solutions and peaceful resolutions.

There’s only one solution and it’s not even an energy tool this time (though you may find it helpful to use one for strength and peace). The answer is to face the fear head on and open yourself to the solution. Because once you do, it will come.

You can do it, you can face it – and you ARE strong enough to handle whatever is on the other side of dealing with the issue.

What you don’t need is the energetic congestion being accumulated by the fear and the procrastination in your energy. You deserve better – so go head, do what you need to do – it will be ok.