Change Your Breathing, Change Your Life

breathe“If you remember nothing else that I’ve talked about today, just remember this one thing…”

It’s something I say each time I run an intuitive development workshop.

Ok, I even say it more than once… I promise no more than twice. But only for things I consider absolutely crucial – for life, for health, for increasing your energy, your intuitive capabilities, etc.

And what’s this magic panacea, you ask?


No, don’t go away I’m serious. That’s it: breathe. And breathe properly. There’s a way to do it that maximizes all the benefits I mentioned above and it’s so simple yet so powerful. You’ve probably heard that we tend to breathe very shallowly throughout the day and could very much benefit from getting more oxygen into our bodies.

But there’s different ways to breathe – some ways power your body for a bungee jump and some power your entire being. Entire being: energetic, emotional, mental, and physical.

Our minds are funny things – they want complication and procedure. They desire some effort that requires work and study and flashes of light, vitamins, veganism, prayers, and crystals. Not that there’s anything wrong with all of that. It’s when we think that complication and complexity is the only way that we are really making things waaaay harder for ourselves than need be.

Back to breathing. So, wherever you are take a big deep breath in…. and let it out.

What happened there? If you’re like most of us, you inhaled and your shoulders came up, your upper lungs filled then… whoosh! You exhaled and your shoulders dropped.

Very good… if you are running from bears or getting ready to fight ninjas. Really.

There’s a physiological process that begins when you breathe this way and you may have heard of it, it’s called “fight or flight“.

In fight or flight your brain sends signals to your body that prepare it for stress (i.e. bears and ninjas) – digestion shuts down, adrenalin shoots up, stress-related hormones are released from the glands, etc. Which is all well and good if you are about to take down a grizzly but not so much if you are sitting at your desk, watching a movie, eating dinner, talking to a loved one, in a meeting, etc.

If you’re familiar with my blog you may know I am a big fan of Dr. Sue Morter. Her techniques are simple and very very effective. One of her best tips involves breathing – something so primal and basic that the mind would never think it could be this powerful, and yet it is. It really is life changing.

How do you do it?

The Breath Energy Tool goes like this:

  1. Take in another deep breath but this time, the shoulders do not move
  2. Breathe in deep in the belly, making your belly distend outward like you’ve just eaten a huge meal
  3. When you exhale, the belly contracts in
  4. Keep the rhythm regular and comfortable to you – if it helps, count to 5 as you breathe in then again as you exhale

I call it “Big Belly Breathing”. Or even “Buddha Belly Breathing”. Whichever you prefer.

If you are not used to breathing this way it can take a few minutes and some conscious effort to get the hang of it.

But oh, does it feel good. Try 3 minutes of this a day. Yes really, just 3. Sitting, standing, driving, talking, whatever. 3 minutes will feel so good, odds are that you will turn them into 5. As you really get accustomed to this form of breath, you may automatically find yourself breathing this way for longer and longer periods.

If you’re really into it (and alone or in comfortable company) try making sound as you exhale, an “ahhhhhhh…” Or if you’re really really into it – an “ommmmm…” makes your energy field expand even further, by at least 10 feet.

It will change your life, I’m not exaggerating. Among the many benefits being achieved:

  • You are fully oxygenating your body
  • You are fully oxygenating your cells
  • You are expanding your energy field
  • You are synchronizing your body’s systems
  • You are opening an intuitive channel
  • You are calming the entire mind-body connection
  • You are strengthening the mind-body connection
  • Your thinking clears
  • Inspiration opens up

And I could go on. But do try it, if this is the only blog post of mine you ever read I would be *very* happy if this is the only advice you take to heart.