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Receive a 20-minute complimentary discovery session and learn how to accelerate your healing using medical intuitive guidance and the energy body approach.


Medical Intuition Scans

Brioso Holistics offers complete Medical Intuitive Healing Sessions.


Medical Intuition is a proven healing method.

Your body emits electricity and when your physical or emotional health are weakened, there are disruptions in this energy that are visible to a medical intuitive. Medical Intuition offers the benefit of getting your energy flowing freely on the path to health and abundance.

Dissolve Energy Blocks = Create A New Outcome

All Medical Intuitive Healing Sessions can be done:

  •  In-person at my office in Vancouver, BC


  • Long distance (phone or Skype).

I am available to assist clients from all parts of the world.


To setup an appointment emailinfo@healyourownbody.com


All Medical Intuitive Healing Sessions cover:

Energy Balance – Your active mind-body relationship. When balanced, your energy tells you exactly what is in your best interest in every moment.

For example, one client had persistent neck pain and soreness in her upper back. This condition appeared when she was either at her workplace or preparing to go there. I assessed her energy using medical intuitive healing techniques and saw that the pain tended to flare up only when she had to interact with certain people. In her case, her body was trying to tell her that there were interpersonal issues in her workplace that needed to be addressed. Once the problem was resolved between the co-workers involved, the discomfort and pain eased considerably.

Energy Blocks – This is a basic measure of how well you are acting on the signals your body sends you. Achieving balanced energy is a two step process:

  1. Hearing and interpreting the body’s signals
  2. Acting on the body’s signals

“Hearing” your body is a very important step. Next, in order to keep the energy flowing you must validate the signal by taking action on it. For example, once you understand that your body is messaging you that it is hungry the action step to take is feeding it. Continually ignoring this signal is what causes an energy block to start forming.

The body will also message you about things that go beyond bodily needs such as:

    • Dangerous situations
    • Opportunities
    • Love
    • Career moves
    • Important decisions
    • And more…

You strengthen your mind-body connection, the flow of your energy body, and your ability to move forward in your life by honouring yourself and your internal instincts.

Emotional Blocks – In contrast to what we used to believe, the brain is only place that stores memory. Memory can actually be, and is, stored anywhere in the body. This can be on a conscious level where you understand that, for example, certain stomach pain is related to stress, or on an unconscious level.

For example, say you had a car accident with your new vehicle and broke your arm. This accident may cause you to experience anger and guilt because of the loss of your new car and the expense involved. Years later, your arm has healed but when you are confronted with an unforseen financial difficulty and the accompanying distress your arm begins to pain you. Or the reverse could be true: when you experience pain in your arm you also feel an unrelated and inexplicable anger and guilt.

Emotions that are unable to clear get stored in the body as energetic congestion. Raising these emotions and trauma to your awareness through medical intuitive healing frees your energy and your physical body. As a medical intuitive, part of my job is to source out the buried emotions, memory, and trauma that have taken root in your energy and gently bring them to your awareness.

Energy Intake Balancing (Chakras) – Your body works both ways: giving off energy and taking energy in. You may have heard about chakras, the seven energy “wheels” – this is where your energy body “pulls” energy in. When your energy is flowing at optimal levels, the chakras are all open and spinning. When any of the chakras are closed, this indicates an area of your life and body where the energy flow can be healed and recommendations on how to do this will be offered.

Plus additional messages and medical intuitive guidance as necessary.



You ARE a natural intuitive and have the potential to become more with Medical Intuitive Training.

You have the ability, the energy and the talent – it is something you were born with.

All you need is practice and mentoring – to learn how to enhance your existing intuitive abilities, freeing your energetic potential.

Two Ways to Train in Intuition: 

One: Group Workshops

Through my intuitive development classes I have come to meet people from all walks of life, all curious, and all intuitive. I enjoy guiding individuals and groups in discovering and uncovering their intuitive talents, things they had often been told were out of reach, only for “special” individuals “born” with their gifts. It’s a rewarding experience for me and everyone who attends and we also touch on how medical intuitive training works.

We are ALL born with intuitive gifts and I want to show you how to access your intuition in ways that are natural and fun.

You have the ability – jump in with us and start discovering your skills through fun, eye-opening exercises and discussions.

If you are local to the Greater Vancouver area, we’d love to have you.

The schedule can be found on the group meetup page, or in the News section of this site.

Two: Personal Mentoring: Medical Intuitive Training

One-on-one medical intuitive training and mentoring programs.Structured personal mentoring for holistic and intuitive practitioners looking to train in medical intuition. This is an intensive 6-month program. Accepted candidates will be qualified to practice as a Professional Medical Intuitive upon course completion.

I also design customized programs for people looking to develop their intuition for other areas of study and practice.

Contact me by email or phone 604-317-6676 to schedule a Complimentary Medical Intuitive Training Information Session.