January… diet time for many of us. A time when we re-evaluate ourselves and try to make different choices in regards to our health.

In the past few years I’ve seen some promising programs come up aimed at tackling childhood obesity.

The best ones (in my opinion) focused on health and inspiring kids to make food choices that felt good, giving them more energy, and drawing the connection between exercise and boosting mood.

Jamie Oliver is a great pioneer in this respect and I feel he is working tirelessly to help kids and educate adults about the solid cause and effect relationship of good food producing stronger bodies, minds, and spirits.

There’s the good example. And now the bad – and it is bad.

I read this article blasting the state of Georgia’s contribution to remedying the issue.

What the…. ?? I could go on for days about how demeaning I feel this ad strategy is, but I’ll hold myself back. A bit.

Shock tactics? For kids? Shaming? For Children??? And that’s all they do. The state spent a whack of money to take fancy dark pictures of glum and pained looking kids with captions like “Fat Kids Become Fat Adults”. Then they spent even more money on top of that to create stark, black and white commercials with the same degrading theme.

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This topic sounds way “out there” and off the deep end and I can say it’s absolutely real – though probably different than what you were thinking.

Better yet – special, expensive rituals to get rid of them or heal from them are unnecessary – you can take care of it yourself using your energy and whatever guidance you choose to call upon.

But first, what does it mean to get “psychically” attacked? It’s very simple, it starts with someone – usually a person with a connection to you (personal, professional, or even both) – being in a bad place. This is a given. If they were in a light place as opposed to a dark one, they would never attack you.

It goes like this:

1: Attacker is in a bad, negative space and chooses to lash out
2: They pick you
3: They throw this negative energy at you:

  • Directly: verbal or physical abuse
  • Electronically: email, Facebook, etc
  • Silently: passive aggression, the silent treatment, etc

4: You feel it – you’re hurt, angry, sad, or all three
5: It affects your day, your mood, your actions
6: Lather, rinse, repeat

Maybe quite different from the mystical explanation you were expecting?

The negative actions of a dark person throw you into a state of distress, causing chemical reactions in the physical body, emotional body disruptions, and overall just really messing up your energy body.

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(Or more accurately: Dragon Daughter; it’s Year of the Dragon very soon, my year!)

I saw this update on the Today Show – yes, Tiger Mom, Amy Chua is back.

Without getting into whether I agree with her methods (and there are many I find unpalatable) I admit I have a soft spot for the (in)famous Tiger Mom. Having my own “Dragon Mom” likely has a tiny bit to do with that.

My mom had a lot of the same philosophies:

  • Piano over sports
  • Overbearing over permissive
  • Mom is never wrong
  • Piano, piano, and more piano

Of course, Dragon Mom also has a dragon temper – many things were said to me that would make Tiger Mom look like an extra soft piece of cotton candy.

And yet… given a choice, would I go back and edit out those parts of my childhood? Make it so that absolutely everything was nice, loving, and respectful? Without hesitation, my answer is, ‘NEVER‘.

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Finding Career Love Now

Tomorrow morning at 11am PST I’m doing my last show (for now) for News for the Soul. It’s been a nice run and perhaps I will go back in the future but for now it’s time to move on to other things.

For me, taking a caller on the show and doing a medical intuitive reading is far from the end of our engagement. Often this person will sit in my energy and my heart for a long time afterward.

One lady from the Eastern US area called in to the show in early December 2011. I’ll call her Celia. Celia was dealing with a huge load and my heart went out to her. Serious marital issues, emotional worries manifesting as physical problems, spousal dysfunction, and to top it all off a pressing uncertainty with her career.

Celia was doing something she was good at but she needed more income. This career was beneficial in that she could work from home and have the flexibility she needed to deal with her spouse but it was leaving her dissatisfied. She felt trapped. And Celia wanted more – was at her wit’s end with wanting it.

Sound familiar? It does to me, on a personal level. Same for many of us. Change a few details, the name and age of the caller, the date, the situation, and Celia can switch places with one a client I advised last fall.

Finding your life purpose is a different conversation than what I wanted to blog about today. And I will go into it in a future post. But for now – for right now – because we need a way to feel good about what we are doing now, I will offer up an easy solution for that.  Read More

Some years ago I stopped doing the New Year’s Resolution routine. Now, I make resolutions year round – why confine it to one particular day?

As was pointed out to me, midnight comes every night, yes? Yeah! So with every day comes a chance to make changes and hit your energetic reset button. This opens everything up to infinite possibility.

I bet you’ve heard this all before. Me too. It sounds so easy, right? The manifestation experts, those folks preaching “The Secret”, even some of my friends, they all make change and attraction of something newer and better sound so effortless. Decide and it’s done. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Sigh. And I used to think, ‘Robine what are you missing here?!?’ There must be some trick that went over my head.

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