I have a long list of topics that I complied so that I’ll always have something to choose from and blog about. However, having that security in place, I have never had to use it. Something always comes up to be the most meaningful thing for me to write about that day.

And today, on Friday the 13th, it’s worry. Thankfully, most of my concerns are usually small and solvable but when I do have a worry it tends to be something of a magnitude that interrupts my sleep and sends my mind into overdrive.

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I once bought a book by a famous author well known for her writings on meditation and spirtuality (I will refrain from naming her here because I do still respect her and think her works are pretty awesome).

But when I read her book and tried to do the exercises I was hopelessly lost. Completely, utterly frustrated with my lack of ability to do them as she specified. Before getting this book I had thought I was very good at following directions but this one set me straight on that.

There were just so many steps to follow and they went something like this:

  1. Imagine a city in the clouds, feeling this feeling of joy
  2. Walk through the city noticing this and that building and the other building over there
  3. Get to the castle beside this building on the left between the fountain and the tree
  4. Walk inside and there will be all these things in the foyer with these people
  5. Over past the people there will be doors, and feel the feeling of anticipation
  6. Go through these doors and greet these people
  7. …etc

And on and on and on. Truly, I’m not even exaggerating. A whole chapter of instructions that read more like a story and I had little hope of remembering exactly what I was supposed to do. And remember, when you meditate you are supposed to be focusing, not peeking at the book. Read More


Intuition is funny…

Ever get seemingly coincidental messages come to you from out of the blue?

This past month I had to walk away from someone that was really trying hard to make a very negative impact on me. Placing that energetic boundary was the best decision I could make and my energy lightened considerably once I did.

However, over the past week they have been trying very hard to angle their way back in, making very dedicated attempts to bring my energy down again.

When you are energetically sensitive – as many of us are – it can take a very conscious effort to keep yourself from being affected and remain calm. Especially in the face of an attack.

But if you are open to it, your intuition is always at hand and ready to help you. Guidance will work in mysterious ways, and often with a sense of humour. I got three messages in the past few hours…  Read More

When I conduct an energy evaluation or medical intuition assessment I will source out where the energetic blockages are showing up and what is happening to cause them. In addition to that I will also teach you the basics about reading your own energy. Essentially this involves getting you back in touch with listening to your body until eventually you hear its messages as loudly and clearly as you would your own mom hollering for you to come to dinner.

Reading this article today about a young woman that had weight loss surgery made my heart and head hurt. Energetic red flags waving everywhere – so many that this whole situation is just one big red splotch.

The first thing that jumped out at me was a quote from Ms. Gofman’s (the young lady that had the surgery) doctor before she was convinced to submit to the procedure:

“I’ll lose weight,” Ms. Gofman assured her doctor.
Dr. Vayner said, prophetically, “It’s not your fault, but you’re not going to be able to do it.”

“Prophetically”? I disagree. Discouragingly, is more accurate. Dr. Vayner, well-meaningly perhaps, only validated any doubts the patient already had about her ability to lose the weight. And when a doctor or authority figure validates your doubts, they grow. And grow. And GROW.

Does lap band surgery work for everyone? I think the evidence speaks for itself. But does it work for some people? Again, the evidence speaks: some individuals do succeed with it as part of their lifestyle changes. And then there are others like Ms. Gofman who had a particularly difficult and painful experience.  Read More

You need food, water, air,  and shelter in order to maintain a reasonable state of health.

For good health, or to rise to an even greater level of vitality you look beyond the basics:

  • Stimulation for your mind
  • Love: both giving and receiving
  • Laughter

Laughter? Yes, as in “Laughter is the best medicine.”

Overused catchphrase? Perhaps, and still completely true.

When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? Or laughed so hard you had a little “accident”? Think back and recall how good it felt during and afterward. Remember that elation and joy stayed with you long after the laughter had ceased.

When I was around 13 years old, I was with my mother in a church service. The sermon topic escapes me but I do recall being very distracted. So much so that I began fidgeting; I balled my hands into fists and started lightly banging my knuckles together. I know, weird, but you can think of very weird ways to occupy your time when you’re 13 and in church.

Suddenly, my mom’s hand came into view as she placed it over my fists. Uhoh, caught. I turned to look at her and her facial expression was a mixture of disbelief and, “Are you from outer space?” Read More