No two people on the planet are any more than 50th cousins apart.

Pretty interesting, right?

I know, it’s very very distant. So distant that genealogists have no interest in these connections and there’s no worry that if you happen to marry your 50th cousin (or 49th, 30th, etc.) your baby will have 3 eyes and six arms.

But doesn’t it make you look at the people around you, even the strangers and the Facebook-only friends differently?

In a manner of (stretched) speaking – you’re family, we’re all family.

Yes, even with that person that looked at you funny in the grocery store the other day.

I had an experience this week that made me recoil inside – watching strangers engage in an argument on Facebook.

It started out innocently enough: expressing opinions over a post. Then it escalated into politics and on over to opinions over political figures.

You can guess where this is going – it’s like matches to gas cans. Express a less-than-favourable opinion on someone’s hero/heroine and you’re the ENEMY. The name calling is not so explicit but you can read between the lines of, “You don’t have all the facts…” umbrage taken over perceived tone and language used, etc. etc. Read More


Fight or heal?

The language you use, the words you say carry energy.

Well, of course right?

But how much attention are we paying to what we say and exactly what these words mean?

Yesterday I read a tweet by a well-known celebrity that was kind of… sour. Or at least she was when she wrote it. She was mad that an organization was getting publicity for being treated badly. Her point was that we ought to be focusing on the charity that was “fighting breast cancer”.

I tossed her primary intention – bashing the organization – out the window and instead her choice of words caught my attention.

“Fighting” cancer. That’s been our natural reaction. It gets media attention, serves as a focal point for fundraisers, articles, anecdotes, stories, ads, campaigns… you name it. We fight the “good” fight against the dread disease, the addiction, the substance, the illness, the condition, the people.

And what does it mean to fight cancer? Depends on how you see it.

Yes, really.

When my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer that’s what we did – fight it. It was an invader into our lives and his body, what else was there to do but treat it like the enemy it was.  Read More

frustration, angerWhy me? Why oh why me?

Ever catch yourself saying that?

That’s ok, no finger pointing here, certainly no embarrassment. In fact if you have said that, bravo to you! Good job.

No, really. It means you are just three little letters short of a huge transformative moment:

Why not me?

Aha… Now you’re onto something, now you really have a cool idea to think about. And actually the more “Why me?” statements you have to transform – the more special you are, the bigger your capacity for growth, and the higher your potential is.

Seems backward?

Just yesterday I spoke with a client about past experiences, those so-called “negative” things that you think should never have happened to you. But here’s the problem with that belief – they DID happen. And no amount of “shouldn’t” statements will change that. So the logical turnaround – they SHOULD have happened because they DID. (Thank you, Byron Katie) Read More


The Myth of Powerlessness

(The below is from speech that I made last year. A recent client’s achievements has inspired me to post it today.)

Back when I told my friends and family I was going into medical intuition the reaction was mixed.

Some knew exactly what I was talking about and were very excited and happy for me. Others were curious and wanted to know more. And then there were those that really had no idea what medical intuition was all about but smiled and nodded anyways.

Then there was my one friend that took his own understanding of it, mixed this with my answers, and came up with his very own explanation. From what I could understand it was something like: “new-age coach/therapist/scientist“. Really not very close but we gradually sorted it out.

In the meantime he felt attuned to my work (or what he thought I did) enough to start confiding in me some of his relationship problems – things that were really taking their toll on him. There were ghosts of a past relationship still haunting him as well as one particular new gal that (in both our views) had a very unhealthy effect on his life and psyche.

Being a good friend I did what I could and most of this consisted of listening and offering advice and empathy where needed. That is until he said, “and when I’m around her I just become powerless…”

Whoa, man! No. That’s one phrase you can’t get away with. Gently, though firmly, I told him that no that’s not true, he was not powerless, he was NEVER powerless. Read More

I have such fun at these events that I am hosting another talk this Saturday afternoon – and possibly every month (more to come on that).

The spaces are filling up faster than I expected so please RSVP soon if you’d like to join us.

This is an informal meetup with everyone that would like to join me. It would be a great chance for me to meet group members and for you to voice any questions you have about:

  • Medical Intuition
  • Intuitive Readings in general
  • Energy Medicine
  • How energy medicine relates to physical health

We will also practice using and honing our intuition with “psychic exercises” Read More