The Appreciation Game

Molly Yohm, Official Medical Intuitive's CatBuild a better mousetrap – or failing that, buy one. This was my parents’ problem many years ago. A very annoying, irritating problem.

You see, they had a successful supply enterprise and as part of this business they kept a dry goods warehouse – a warehouse that was fast becoming “Costco for Mice”.

They tried everything to get rid of the mice and nothing worked very well. And with mice, unless you are 100% successful you still have 100% of the problem.

Then an employee had an idea, “Why don’t you get a cat?”

Brilliant! This is the perfect plan, they told me on the phone, perfect! The mice will get eaten, the ones that don’t get eaten will run in fear from the cat, and the cat will be full on its bounty. This plan pays for itself! Excitement and optimism abounded.

I had my doubts. I really didn’t see how one cat could take care of the whole problem but my parents were adamant. This, they said, was a good reason to get a cat, a “working cat”. They had nothing against cats, but as self-proclaimed “dog lovers” they never understood why people had them as pets. All they do is meow and catch mice. Cat people, to my mom and dad, were unfathomable.

Off they went to the SPCA, determined and purposeful, to pick out a kitten.

And so it started. The phone calls. Many phone calls. On a daily basis:  Read More


Wanting Big & Playing Small

Playing big or smallIn high school I used to have the weirdest dreams. And I mean weird. Banana-morphing-into-dog-chasing-me type of weird.

I would report them to the girl that sat in front of me in Grade 11 French class (she liked hearing them, or at least she looked like she did) and we got a good laugh. No analysis or discussions of symbolism, just laughs and the occasional “my god what did you eat last night before bed?!?”

A few nights ago I had a dream that I would almost call lucid – but not quite. It was so fascinating it was one of those dreams where when you feel yourself waking up you reflexively try to “claw your way back in” to continue it.

A bit of backstory – early last month I went to a business seminar on a lark with a friend. Among the really odd parts – dancing, shouting, singing – there was actual writing work where you took a good look at what your path to success was shaping up to be. Or if it wasn’t shaping up, what were the roadblocks.

Before I did that exercise I thought I had my mental game in place: this is what I want, this is how I’ll get there, and I know I can do it. Which is pretty much true, except I wasn’t reading between my own lines. Read More


Pain is Optional

Chronic PainLet’s play a bit of word association… just once.

I say a word and you say the first thing that comes to mind… ready?


Ok – what did you picture?

Person sitting cross-legged in lotus position? Closed eyes and fingertips and thumbs touching?

Maybe you heard peaceful music, an “ommmm…” sound or birds chirping – some noises of nature maybe.

Did you think, “relaxation” or “breathing” or “peace”?

All very good – no wrong answers here. But did you by any chance think of, “medication” or even “pain relief”?

Very amazing stuff meditation. Long known as a technique for deep focusing of the mind, understood by many to be an excellent relaxation method. Something calming, soothing, helping us wind down and re-center our energy.

It’s no secret that meditation has a profoundly measurable effect on our brains as evidenced by MRI scans done on monks that meditate.

And now – pain relief. Actual, honest to goodness scientific evidence shows that meditation has a greater effect on pain reduction than morphine.


Pain-relieving drugs like morphine typically are only approximately 25% effective. Yes, I was surprised when I first heard that too. You would expect that if you felt you had no choice but to take an addictive chemical to alleviate pain it would have a better than one quarter rate of effectiveness.

And the pain reduction effects of meditation, you ask? Read More

breathe“If you remember nothing else that I’ve talked about today, just remember this one thing…”

It’s something I say each time I run an intuitive development workshop.

Ok, I even say it more than once… I promise no more than twice. But only for things I consider absolutely crucial – for life, for health, for increasing your energy, your intuitive capabilities, etc.

And what’s this magic panacea, you ask?


No, don’t go away I’m serious. That’s it: breathe. And breathe properly. There’s a way to do it that maximizes all the benefits I mentioned above and it’s so simple yet so powerful. You’ve probably heard that we tend to breathe very shallowly throughout the day and could very much benefit from getting more oxygen into our bodies.

But there’s different ways to breathe – some ways power your body for a bungee jump and some power your entire being. Entire being: energetic, emotional, mental, and physical. Read More


Teaching… the teacher

Doing intuitive development workshops each month has turned into a very rewarding experience, much more than I even expected it to. And I did expect a lot.

I expected that the experience would bring me into contact with great people, help me get comfortable giving talks and facilitating workshops, and teach me the ins-and-outs of speaking to groups. And nab me a few friends along the way.

All that has happened but what I didn’t expect was how much deeper it would take me into my own practice.

Do you want to know the secret to learning more about your own craft/career/profession?

Teach it to other people.

Really. It’s like doing a live, hands-on thesis that is unpredictable and worth more than any additional course or extra training.

There is really no substitute.

  1. It tests your knowledge of the material
  2. Your comfort level with explaining it
  3. Opens new facets you never thought about before

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