Listening to Energy

Some call it “guidance”, others “angels” or “guides” or “intuition” or “energy” or “inner voice” or even “conscience”… I could go on and on. What’s the difference between each? Nothing! They are synonyms – different words describing the exact same thing. What you choose to call it depends on what you are comfortable with. And whatever selection you make, you are right.

I used to listen to people talk about communicating with their guides (or angels, or intuition, etc.) and be in awe. I wanted to be able to do the same thing: hear messages, speak to the energy around me and get really clear answers. At the same time, having two siblings with mental illnesses it freaked me out a little bit. I wanted away from that kind of mayhem.

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It’s Xmas?

Always nice to see everyone so happy for at least a few days of the year.

And as for me? Well, with everyone I love away from me (out of town, out of touch, etc) and one choosing to not celebrate at all (hi mom) I get to pick my own traditions. So many to choose from…

There’s my favorite because it makes me laugh: Festivus! And it’s so easy to do – once I set up my aluminum pole I just Air Grievances then invite brave people over to challenge me to Feats of Strength.

Or, if I follow Hugh Grant’s character in “About a Boy” I can watch movies, get high, get drunk. Ok, probably just the watching of movies.

There’s the old tradition I learned about from an old boyfriend: work, work, and um work, like it’s any other day of the year. That one’s kind of dull.

I’ll decide soon. But meantime I have run out of tequila and the store’s about to close!!!



Emotions & Healing

I get a lot (!) of questions about what I do and one of the main topics is usually centered on emotions and what in the world they have to do with healing the physical body.

When I do an intuitive reading I pick up on a great deal of what is going on with you emotionally. If you have the perspective that an intuitive reading that is focused on health and the body ought to be diagnosing illnesses and pointing out physical ailments, my protocol and methods would seem… well, pointless.

And I understand this point of view. And I can tell you that it’s just part of the story.

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Healing & “Sorcery”

I came across this article in my newsfeed today about a woman in Saudi Arabia that was beheaded for practicing “sorcery and witchcraft”. According to news reports from the country, this woman claimed she could heal illness and received money for it.

This report made me feel sad and shake my head at the same time. First, it is impossible to confirm her actual practices from the official reports – who knows, perhaps she was only practicing a form of energy healing and medical intuition. And if that was the case, how lucky are we, how lucky am *I* to live in a country where I can freely practice as an intuitive.

But what if the news reports contained zero spin-doctoring? I know of some very famous intuitive healers in this country – on this side of the world – that claim that very thing this woman was killed for: “I CAN heal YOU!” Emphasis on the *I*. This is wrong all they way around – wrong up one side of the house and doubly wrong the other side down. It’s false, bad karma, and a deceptive statement.

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Another Day, Another Blog

Here I am again!

I think I start blogs more often than I get shoes. That’s probably close to the mark – my shoe collection is rather modest.

I do have another blog I’m doing reasonably well with – it’s been nearly 3 months and it’s still active. Yay me! But I am feeling like I need another space that’s just my own, a Brioso Blog if you will.

Why “Brioso”? It just clicked for me and I followed my intuition to make it my business name. Brioso means health, vitality, liveliness, energy in Italian, all things I want to personify my business, life philosophy, and what I want to impart to my clients.

And… well, my first choice was “Brio” as in “Con Brio”, a musical term (I do love my piano) meaning, “with vigor!”

Unfortunately, to my disappointment, Brio was taken when I tried to register it as a business name. Understandably, the people that had registered it were keeping it close, as they kindly explained in their response to my query.

But my guidance told me to keep going with the word and… TADA! Add two letters “so” and you’ve got “Brioso”! A word with the same meaning and an additional lucky syllable. Thank you, Italian language for saving me from hunting longer for a different name.

And here we have it, Brioso Holistics, and my first blog post solely written for the company.

This may be my dryest blog post ever. But I did need some kind of welcome topic and this fits.

I’ll do better next time, I promise.